March 19, 2012

The Party Queens

Those Birthday Queens at the far end of the table.

We just had time to hunt up some geocaching containers for Poolie and some fun little goodies for Mia before heading off to the birthday party in Grumpy. I must say Poolie, at the far end of the table, and her sister Mia are beyond delightful people. Gems. Humor a must indeed.

Bloggers, there were five of us with two who flew in for the party, bridge players, folks from church, and work, and just plain good folks. Several of us overlapped as we knew each other from a variety of lives. That was really nice. One dear person we cherish has early Alzheimer’s and recognized us happily….which made us gloriously happy.

Speeches were made, Mia’s was the micro speech just the way speeches are best, and the food was great stuff. Poolie, of course, could do no wrong. We had fun but exited a bit early to go get tires on G’s Myrtle Toyota. I wouldn’t let him out of the house without tires.

About two hours later we exited Costco with one book on Washington DC, one new bathing suit, and four new tires. While G played at his computer, I lay back into the bed pillows with a very good Dick Francis mystery in my hands and happily dozed off for half an hour in the last warm sunshine of the day.


  1. You do live the good life...your past must have included lots of good deeds in spite of what you think.

  2. What good fun. For someone who doesn't socialize much, you sure get around with friends. Yes, David goes to meetings, but not as often as he used to. So many deaths in recent years have got him down (he's almost 83) Dianne

  3. Wheeee! We had such a good time with you!

  4. It was so great to met you and I am so pleased that you chose to sit with Me & Terri. It was fun getting to know you a bit! I look forward to reading your blog and seeing the wonderful pictures that Terri & Poolie have told me about! See you around the World of Blog!!

    Peggy (aka YankeeChick)

  5. looks like you had a good time. glad you replaced those awful tires.

  6. I agree with that ssscribblins. It's a good thing you don't socialize much; you'd never get anything else done otherwise! :)

  7. I'm so happy you had such a great day with so many good and fun people.


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