March 30, 2012

Wrapped and Waiting

Wrapped and waiting.

We went to bed a little earlier Wednesday night, and I woke lively and full of myself. Bounding around a bit actually. He brought me coffee then headed in to doggedly and humorously finish a supplement on a wreck. Very complicated stuff. Then he answered his phone and got the news of his new job. Briefly he was cheery.

I abandoned him and went to the gym where I happily spread the news of his new job and accepted all the kind words as if I were him. Silly me.

Marta was moving the dust mites around when I got home. I barricaded myself in the office to read notes and begin putting actual words on paper about women in architecture. The stats on them are pathetic. 1% at the turn of the last century. Not a lot better now. It’s a sexist world of male architects and expectations. Gee, tho that says it all, I need five pages….double spaced.

Dinner with The Captain upcoming. Everybody is happy with his promotion.

I’m slowed down with news that friend from the poetry group has ovarian cancer that’s spread to one spot on a lung. She needs help, and I have volunteered. Cancer? E, a wonderful, graceful volunteer from work is having a mastectomy. She said she got a little too close to the Cancer Society. One of my daughter-in-laws is still undergoing chemo for breast cancer too. I worry so.

We are having lunch with Bee and Mikey by the museum Saturday. All of us, including his doctors, believe that his vegan eating has helped keep him alive and his bone and lung cancer at bay. He’s beginning to rail against the strictures thinking Bee is caretaking instead of caring. I’ll joke with him and shooo him into the museum to see the woodies. Bee and I will chat up a storm and get to laughing before they go visit her mother who has end stage Alzheimers.

Dinner last night was again at Phil’s BBQ. He didn’t want to make a “steak” level fuss. I was proud of me for only eating a third of my dinner. I did eat half of my Whoopie Pie tho. It was really just what I needed.


  1. I have yet to eat a Whoopie Pie. I just can't bring myself to do it for some reason. Maybe we will settle for Whoopie Cake at Loving Hut next week, eh? Hugs to Mr. G again for his grand accomplishment!

  2. Congratulations, promotions at this time in our lives is something to celebrate on a steak dinner level.

  3. I hope the whoopie pie was homemade (as much as they can be "home" made in a restaurant)...Dr. Whoopie can do wonders.

  4. David is celebrating 32 years tommorrow. So, Whoopie!! Dianne

  5. Congrats! I am so happy for you and your husband. That's a very nice promotion, and I know he'll be very happy working from home.

  6. Somebody was just telling me how being vegetarian is a way to avert cancer. Red meat is supposed to not be good for cancer, I believe.

    But the Whoopie Pie? It sure does look mighty tasty.

  7. Congratulations on the Promotion! These call for celebration for sure! I will have to find some chocolate in G's honor to share in the joy! Whoopie!!! :):)


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