April 4, 2012

Baseball and Other Hot Fudge Sundries

Above:  The Captain, good to the last drop.  Below: Duck and G laughing with Duck’s imaginary dog Plaid.

Dinner with Captain Poolie last night had it all.  Good foods, friendship….we listened, she listened, and we shared the our story of Duck and his imaginary dog “Plaid” before all headed home laughing.

The days are flying by again.  This is our last full day at home for a while.  I’ll be off to the Discovery shop this morning then out come the suitcases….which I forgot to take out and air earlier this week.  Thursday he works then it’s down to the valley and the “Ice Cream Social” with all the sneaky drunks trying to get seconds…us among them.  Most of the local comedians are terrible but the real comedian from LA is usually pretty good.  The whole thing is so camp that we are entertained while sneaking a little extra hot fudge.

Friday morning we are greeters.  We both like welcoming folks and smiling…I so hope it is sunny.  We have been to the convention enough times to know the layout and can answer questions too.  Then we meet up for lunch before going our divided ways.  Saturday we are ushers at the big speaker meeting, then Sunday morning we are going to the breakfast meeting. 

We go from the convention breakfast, check out of our hotel room, and drive across town to Petco Park.  His boss has given him his tickets for the day….really good ones.  Again we will meet old friends, give out tons of hugs, cheer on our team and hope they win, and head to Mount Soledad where we have commitments at the Sunday Night Speaker’s meeting. 

The truth is that even for us, Sunday sounds insane. 

Ak.  I need to make a list.  Lists.


  1. What grand fun we had! And thanks for sharing the stories about Plaid!

  2. After reading your post...I need a nap!

  3. Youse guys make me laugh. You are right tho, if I think about what we are doing, I will be too tired to move.

  4. Another full week, packed with living....and laughter....and great photos.... Have a wonderful time...hope the roses are gorgeous.

  5. My first thought is like Tabor's. I need a nap! Second thought was, how perfect for you 2 to be greeters! Absolutely perfect!! 2 of the most outgoing personable people I have EVer met. Enjoy it all, but over-do it!

  6. I meant...DON'T over-do it! Geez.

  7. All these years and I ever knew about airing suit cases. I'm off to the attic to do it right now.

  8. I absolutely love the picture of G, Duck, and Plaid. Fabulous Moment!
    Wonderful busy plans, have fun!

  9. It's been a long time since you've mentioned Duck. I remember those posts fondly, and it's good to see him again even though I never knew him personally. I don't remember the store of Plaid, however.


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