April 14, 2012

The Promises

Somewhere from the grey matter came a suggestion to turn the computer off before heading to the shop yesterday.  The mountain of books, now up off the floor, were still waiting for me.  I just love looking through the donated books.  What a gift….and I don’t have to buy them all.  Amazing.

By the time I headed home, there were two shelves with new cookbooks just waiting for new owners.  Over across the room were three new shelves of fiction, and all the non-fiction shelves were filled to bursting.  I helped with my primary Friday job too….sorting.  Pictures were taken for the Around the World Sale….we save all year for these special sales, and I came home to post them on the Facebook ACS Discovery Shop page. 

Just as I got the computer going again and pictures loaded came this massive, deep, earth shaking sound accompanied by titters, screams, and laughter from the teenaged girls walking home from school.  The thunder was followed by a giant wall of water falling from the sky.  Rain like that I’d seen in New Orleans.   Rarely here.  The laughter was drowned by the sounds of falling water.  I pushed back the curtains and sat on the bed to watch.

I watched all right.  As the rain plummeted the doors, the water crept in between the two big sliders and into the shallow channel where they move.  It crept onward into the space, and I sat there mesmerized wondering what I should do if it reached the end and overflowed.  I was saved by the rain stopping and the water coming to a halt in its track.  I can hardly wait till the new doors are installed. 

Later dinner at Chili’s, and a meeting where I was a leader.  There were few in attendance.  I knew the rain  would be off putting, but the small meeting seemed to enjoy the topic of The Promises.  I brought a hard copy.  Several newcomers hadn’t seen them before, other’s had heard them read at many meetings.  For me, it took almost twenty years for the fear of economic insecurity to leave me.  Other’s spoke about different promises such as losing their focus on selfish things.  Alcoholism is such a horrific disease, and it was wonderful to watch hope filling the room.  For me, it turned out to be a very moving meeting. 

This morning, my Word page opened up right where it was supposed to be with no intervention at all.  It must have been the recent update or the promise that I'd replace it that confused Word into fixing itself.  I was very grateful indeed.


  1. The rain yesterday was legendary! I was with Joanie about that time. Truly awe-inspiring!

  2. It sounds like you had a great day with rain and all. Glad you didn't have to find towels to sop up all the rain water....Loved the yellow rose...it reminded me of my mother ~ yellow roses were her favorite.

  3. Your roses are so beautiful. I sit and look at one after another, very pleased. Thank you.

  4. Just started using a kindle - gift from my son so how could I not.
    It will NEVER replace books. Fancy reading an autobiography with no photos.
    Your watching the rain filter in reminded me of the overload we have had lately of the Titanic disaster. Much of it in questionable taste.


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