April 18, 2012

A Really Good Day

I always forget something, so the poem I brought to writing class yesterday was apropos. Forgetting. I went down to Grumpy saying the mantra of, “Shoes, towel, shoes, towel,” totally forgetting shampoo. After I used the pink stuff they give us free, I headed off to class with my head itching.

The poem was a hit. I was so surprised. I’d been thinking it was mediocre and the last line terrible. I left class so encouraged that tomorrow I will make the time to enter it in the “Writers Digest” yearly contest. I’m sorry I can’t put it here for you too. Previously published works are unwanted by places like “Writers Digest.” Started two new poems also.

Home to find G late on the road. They have kept him out there but with a reduced work load through today. I keep waiting for the bosses to tell him he’s on the road another day then another then another…..

We had some astronomically expensive, grass fed, ground beef last night. Later I’d stopped at my local market and was told not only do they grind their own, except for special promotions, but their beef has no additives. No pink slime there. The grass fed, low fat beef was almost too dry to eat though, so I’ll cheerfully go back to a higher fat meat that I can chew. Rarely do we eat meat now, but my thoughts suggest to me that you have to be able to chew what you do buy.

This morning, even with a cranky printer, G has managed to buy two seats together for the Cirque du Soleil’s “Totem.” I’ve only seen one Cirque show, tho several times, in Vegas when it was the only Cirque show in town. This one is new to us, and it’s under canvas. What a wonderful gift from the Geezer to start off another good day.


  1. Another glorious rose!!!!!

    Hope your poem gets honored by WD!!!

    An yeah, I envy you your opportunity to see Cirque -- and I expect a full report!!! :)

  2. Yay! You got tickets! It's going to be such a wonderful show!

  3. I have gone back to what my mother had to do: buy meat and grind it myself. At least I have a food processor; my mom had a hand grinder to crank.

    If it is as lean as I choose, I end up adding a little olive oil. That makes it a little less chewy, without adding as much fat as the butcher would.

  4. Sorry the grass-fed beef did not appeal to you, but low-fat usually is less tender than higher-fat meat. David and I ordered meatloaf at a restaurant recently. It was nice and tender, but I didn't like the gravy.

    Congrats on writing such a well-received poem!

  5. Congrats on the tickets...I've never seen the Cirque in person but have watched some videos....I bet it is breathtaking to see.
    And the roses...just keep getting better....

  6. Congrats on the poem. I'm very pleased for you.

  7. Everyone--especially children-- should see at least one Cirque du Soliel show. Makes you feel you could do something great too, doesn't it? The poem sounds wonderful. I hope to read it someday--perhaps in a chapbook or some other publication. Poety is what I've chosen to work on in my writer's group. I'll need more than luck--something more akin to gumption!

  8. Oh and by the way, you don't expect those poor cows to make it easy for you to chew them, do you? If I were a cow, I'd be the toughest old broad you ever chomped down on!..just 'cause!


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