April 20, 2012


Those years of tumultuous madness are balanced by the peace of today. Oh, I shall never forget the Jack’s or the Miles’s in my life, but today I have quieter hero’s and bigger honest laughter.

Being able to hop in a grumpy truck and run errands with focus is a triumph for some of us who fried their brains on excitement. Today my biggest hero is my daughter, Lessa, who is attending college and raising a six year old despite PTSD, despite residual damages with a drunk mother and a druggie father, and despite brain damage from beatings.

Me, I take pictures.


  1. We all deal with the choices we make to change our lives. I applaud you for being a healing force.

  2. Bless you. I wish our 48 year old niece that's in prison could have a long visit with you.

  3. I think this is my favorite rose. Forgiveness is a blessing.

    Congrats to Lessa.

    Friday is the day for us, and it looks from here to be October 5. Yes, lets do lunch in old town.

    My son and his family expect me to be with them all day Saturday when he is home from work and boys from school. I hope to take a trip to Encinitis with them to see the Mediterranean Garden at the San Diego Botanic Garden.

    I fly back on Sunday. I can't stay in San Diego more than a few days and leave David on his own for too long.

    You know how it is. Dianne

  4. Climbing over huge walls here...but the view is better and better I am guessing.

  5. Your daughter deserves your admiration, as you do mine.

  6. Obviously you did the best you could when you realized you could do better....and now you have even more life lessons to share...

  7. I admire both you and your daughter. Taking responsibility for past actions and pride for changes you have made is wonderful.

  8. and beautiful pictures they are. I was wondering if you knew how poetic the words in this post are? Almost like a poem. Are you familiar with Ted Kooser? I love what he has to say about poetry today! Sometimes I think I could actually write modern poetry if I could hear more poets like him speak about poetry. http://www.tedkooser.net/about.shtml

  9. My hear tgoes out to Lessa.


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