April 10, 2012

Small is Beautiful

I got back into the swim of things with my hour at the pool before running the wheelchair I used at the conference back to the Mobility store.  B and I usually have a long, leisurely chat Monday mornings, but yesterday she was driving on her way to her crit group and I was struggling with our banking.  We talked later in fits and starts.

For some reason G hadn’t balanced the three accounts since March 1 though every item had been deducted.  So….I didn’t deposit the tax refunds, I didn’t buy dinner only breakfasts and lunches, and I didn’t have a money/security issue fit.  I did make it to the cleaners with our fineries, but I didn’t spend any money waiting till he got home.  And he got home early. 

“Well I got busy,” he said.  And he had been exceptionally busy, and I think he forgot.

Later he told me, “I thought there was plenty of money in the accounts.”

Yes, once he entered all the totals and we made it to the bank, we found there’s tons of money in the accounts and he’s hanging his head after apologizing.  We have been saving ever since he got this job.  I don’t think he will forget things like money in the excitement of a new job ever again.  We all hope that this is the last job ever, actually.  He starts next Wednesday though his pay started yesterday.

I was able to turn it all over, dig into my latest essay…which of course developed differently than I had planned, and I finished, edited, and printed it out before grilled cheese sandwiches, melon slices, and squash soup for dinner. 

Pantries and savings accounts are wonderful things.


  1. "Pantries and savings accounts are wonderful things."

    Kind of one and the same.. in a way. Lovely rose, Mage.

  2. Good ending. It's like finding $20 in your jacket pocket you haven't worn since spring. Very nice feeling!

  3. Glad all was well. These days, I wince if I have to spend money.

  4. Sounds like normal husband & wife give and take, the good days of life.

  5. Beautiful rose and wonderful meal. I do that too... get exercised about funds that I think aren't there but really are. Dianne

  6. Just noticed your note above and I think you can comment on my site...? Money is always an issue and lately we have had some big expenses that we did not prepare for...new glasses, etc. Also we paid for all the eating out on our recent trip as my son-in-law (who got a 40k bonus this year) was complaining about how expensive the trip was!

  7. Sometimes those different endings--the ones that go differently than you'd planned--turn out quite good. Hope that happened for you.

  8. Having more money than you expected is always a good thing.....
    Glad you two got to experience the new paycheck before the job actually starts. Hope it is a perfect fit for G.
    Lovely rose....so colorful...

  9. I'm happy for you that's G's got this new job!

    Glad things 'balanced out'.


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