May 9, 2012

Home: Always Changes

The bedroom art wall: Above: After the changes.  Middle: Miles portrait of me with Darrel Groover’s abstract watercolor to the right and below a small portrait by Moline-Kramer.  Below: before.

When one piece of art falls out of its matting, you know that soon you will have to make some art changes.  It’s tiresome.  It costs money…did I say that, and there are always unexpected surprises in the middle of everything you change good and bad.

So I waffled.  I took the piece that fell apart down to the garage and stored it.  Now that G got a small raise with the new job, I felt comfortable enough to take it to the framers.  I bought the frame at the swapmeet.  Five bucks.  A small mono print hung in the middle of this giant piece of Navy blue board.  After my thinking crystallized about the bedroom art wall, I decided to lighten it all up. 

The big portrait of Anita by deLlamas moved over to the other big wall, and I hung the newly matted piece in the five buck frame up below one of my sketches of the Big dipper roller coaster.  Next to them I hung a portrait of me that Robert Miles Parker did when I lived at the corner of Front and Fir downtown.

Surprises:  The framers insisted that the mono print was a good one, and when I didn’t call right back they substituted a blue board for the backing at no cost at all.  Wow!  How nice of them.  The really sad and bad surprise is the Parker.  Miles used good ink…it isn’t one of those vanishing ink pieces so many folks including me did in the seventies, but he drew it on high acid board.  Bee says they can stop the action of the acid now, but none of us know if the rotting action can be reversed. 

I hung it anyway.  Lighten that room….

Links about Robert Miles Parker:


  1. I collect art too, mostly prints, but I don't have your knack for either the selection of prints or the arrangements on walls. I love looking at your pictures. I also love blue, which apparently you do too. Dianne

  2. I like the arrangement. You should come to my house and help me with arranging some art on the wall. I've never been any good at that.

  3. Nice arrangement. One of my set of six Beardsley prints fell off the wall. The frame disintegrated. I don't want to reframe all six, so I think the set gets retired in favor of something from my picture stash.


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