June 4, 2012


Roses and Stars, woven by Michael Eichman, 1841.

“Amvets is open now on Sunday’s, “I reminded The Geezer with a grin.  “And I want to stop by the Discovery Shop to photograph two bedspreads that came in Friday.”

Why didn’t I photograph them then.  They had been in storage so long that they smelled worse than musty.  We hung them outside to air.

Perry’s Breakfast Café…no wonder I am vastly overweight.

This Sunday morning, were we thinking clearly?  No.  The Rock and Roll Marathon, San Diego’s big run, went right through the area of the stores.  So we found ourselves at Amvets Thrift store….”Under new management,” one employee told me.”  No problem with access, and three sweaters and two T-Shirts for me in my size.  The Great Geezer found two only half way offensive ties.  We had a ball in a very empty store.

Breakfast before photography.  Again we didn’t think, but luckily we were only stopped for a short while until shuttle busses moved when we got to move up too.  I had my usual, no wonder I’m fat.  G’s usual got confused, and he didn’t like the frittata that did.  “That’s one way to get portion control,” he told the waitress.

One of two signature areas woven into the cover.

Driving a bit around the block got us to the Discovery Shop.  The top weaving should really be in a museum.  Woven by Michael Eichman, there are two areas with his name, the date of 1841, and the location listed as Juniata Co, Penn.  As the piece began disintegrating, someone backed this two sided cover with a solid blue piece of cotton.  The center seam of the weaving is coming apart.  Mr. Eichman had a loom only four feet wide on which to create this double bed cover.  Two strips have been sewn together.   

Crotcheted king sized bedspread, in ecru.

The second piece isn’t as remarkable age wise, being made perhaps in the 1920’s, but it’s a king sized spread in a day when there weren’t king sized beds.  It’s amazing, in marvelous shape, but no one will ever know who created this beautiful piece.  Thanks to G and two helpers, I got them both photographed and up on Facebook.  A good thing to do on a half sunny Sunday.


  1. These are absolutely amazing finds! You must feel like an archeologist!

  2. So glad you are wise enough to see real treasures...hopefully someone else will love them as well.

  3. Woven spreads..how interesing. I did not know anyone made those by hand. I assume he or she used his or her own loom. Nice work in the spread pictured first. Sounds like you had a good day.

    I make a fairly good fritata but we are having shishkabob tonite with scallops and lots of veggies. Dianne

  4. I often wonder about the stories these handiwork pieces represent.

  5. At least you had the syrup and butter on the side!! :)

    The three pieces are all lovely -- and we live not too far from Juniata.

  6. Sounds like my kind of outing. Why did (whomever) choose that color of blue for lining the woven spread, I wonder? I still like it, and the crocheted bed cover as well. As for the breakfast you had, we must remember when we feed our bodies, we feed our souls as well. Can you help it if your soul likes bacon. Like me, I suspect you can't help it either.


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