June 18, 2012

A Day at the Fair: 1

We had a wonderful time.  From the opening robot to the closing lights, we were delighted with our day.  We haven’t reached a stage of balance with my riding with his walking at these large venues yet, nor have I perfected the art of not running over his toes either.  But we had fun anyway.

The entrance far away in the center, and off to the left is and grandstand.  Beyond that, the infield is filled with things for the kids.  Beyond that were the livestock barns and show arenas.  Below is the midway.  Right are the three large halls for gardens and flowers, and commercial spaces.

The theme of this year’s County Fair was “out of this world.”  It was a fun veneer to drape over the usual stuff.  Space ships here, space men there even in the paintings.  All of it brought forth smiles as we took pictures and laughed our way around the fair photographing everything after we started by renting a locker.

Art first.  Really good quality stuff this year.  I felt especially drawn to a jack rabbit done with an oriental brush.  He was an endearing soul…but beyond my budget.  No pictures allowed.  Thousands, it seemed, of good pieces in the photography exhibit too.  Badly hung and badly displayed….but great work which we couldn’t shoot either.  Our friend Jen had four piece chosen, and one won second place.  We were jazzed.

In back of the fair are the Amtrak rails and the beach at Del Mar.

We lunched.  He did BBQ, and I a dry hamburger.  Fair food indeed.


A quiet place to eat mediocre ribs. 

We then swung into fair mode full blast.  Whipping our way through the commercial buildings, he shopped and I window shopped….except for the fudge.  He re-upped on car and truck wax, we found our favorite jeweler….his mom and dad just getting out of the hospital.  We couldn’t buy tho as silver prices were way out of our league.  There was a potter whose cups caught G’s eye.  There was a leather dealer whose backpacks caught G’s eye.  We went back and filled up our locker before we headed to the midway.


Bags in a Courtyard of small artisans, the potter, and the jeweler.

This was the first year we did the midway twice.  Daytime pictures from the top of the Ferris wheel, and night time pass to capture the lights.   After our first pass, we wandered to the middle and checked out the kid stuff then the animals. 

The 4H families and their animals.

More tomorrow.  Today has been gym, talk with Bee, get groceries, and stop by the store.  My leg is vastly improved.  We almost have liftoff.


  1. You made it sound like so much fun....and I bet it was.

  2. What wonderful, fun photos. I need to bring my camera to a fair sometime soon! Thanks for sharing the fun, Mage!

  3. My downfall is cotton candy. I have such a sweet tooth. Del Mar looks familiar. I worked there in 1959 in a laundry doing duffle bags of dirty Marine garments.

    BTW I did the corn trick and it was perfect. Happy to hear your leg is better. Dianne

  4. 'Haven't been to a county fair since Ohio days. You made it seem like fun. The setting sure is beautiful. I'm not sure I could manage fair food though...not even a dry hamburger. I like the pictures a lot.

  5. Your photos are so full of color and life. I love the legs hanging out of the zipper (well whatever that first ride was). We love the animals too. Glad you had a good time.

  6. Days at the fair are always good, even if the food is not so good. You got some good shots here.

  7. Delicious post! And I don't mean the food!

  8. It's so great that you can get around together. I can't persuade MTL to take advantage of extra transport -often available at venues.
    Those bags are marvellous.
    I hope your leg is really well sooon.

  9. So glad you didn't run over any toes. I am always wary of you robots doing the fair as I have almost had a head-(knee)on collision with one of you a few years ago! Glad you had so much fun, though. You do know how to have a good time. It amazes me that no one is on those beaches, an overabundance of good sand, that is Southern California's problem!


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