July 25, 2012

Embarrassing Thai Broccoli

A dark wizard from Comic Con 2012.

Himself:  Worked too hard yesterday.  For Movie Night he says “Fast and Furiously” wasn’t. We did watch “Company Men” all the way through. 

Herself:  Errands and groceries.  It was a good day.  Movies: We have never not watched a movie before, but he reminded me that it was only 98 cents.  Company men was too to the depression side and not enough to the redemption side of the lives of the characters.

Reading:  “Naughty in Nice,” by Rhys Bowen.  Light and fun.  Well crafted.

Balance:  Having time to work on photos and writing too.

At the grocery store yesterday I really made a fool out of myself.  I ran into Pat, the stained glass artist who made the two windows I own.  And I chatted on several isles with Barbara, an old next door neighbor from the 70’s.

Barbara had throat cancer in the 1980’s, and they left her a hole in her throat to breathe through.  She still sounds just like herself but now is a very quiet Barbara.  In the veggie section, as I waved a head of broccoli, if that’s what they are called, telling her how great Thai broccoli was.  On and on I went. 

Finally as I wound down, Barbara’s faint voice was heard to say, “I don’t eat that.”  I quickly apologized.

Maybe you don’t eat broccoli either.  Me, I find it a delightful break from the veggie-with-entre things, but I confess I had to play with the original recipe to make it addictive for the two of us.

Thai Broccoli

2 small heads of broccoli or 1 big head
Olive oil
2 cloves garlic
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper or 2 good squirts of very hot red pepper sauce
1/2 cup water

Trim the broccoli to mostly the floweret’s.  Pour a little olive oil in a frying pan that has a lid.  Smash the garlic or run it through a garlic press into the oil. Heat up the pan and add the broccoli.  Toss, add water, cover, turn down, and cook about 6 to 9 minutes….till done.  The whole dish whips together in minutes.  Serves 4.


  1. Sounds good to me...but I love broccoli. If you can tolerate it raw (I know some people can't), shred the stems and prepare like cole slaw.

    I like cole slaw a lot, but I found that broccoli slaw is even better.

  2. I like broccoli but I don't cook it myself. We've been getting "gifts" of peaches (too hard) and watermelon from a neighbor recently...We don't eat like regular people, I guess... so often give the food away to others to enjoy.

  3. I've come to enjoy broccoli -- but only if it's cooked properly~~~

  4. Sounds yummy. I hate broccoli but may try this one.

    As for my October visit. I am counting on lunch with you, perhaps in old town? Or at the seaside. Picnic lunch is fine. We can buy them ready made here in our area, perhaps you know someone who makes them? Or we can eat indoors. All I have to do is make sure to eat veggies. Dianne

    PS, not vegetarian, just on WW.

  5. I love all kinds of broccoli. I wonder if Thai broccoli is what they serve in Chinese foods. I'm not positive what that is, but it sounds wonderful.

  6. I like broccoli too, but like Kay says, only if it's cooked right. For me that means not overcooking. This treatment sounds good--I love garlic--but another simple and quick way is stir-frying with water chestnuts and soy sauce.

  7. I love broccoli but sometimes it doesn't love me back.


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