July 5, 2012

Sloth, Laziness, and The Big Boom

The bay.  Downtown straight ahead.

Himself:  Just enjoyed the day off.

Herself:  Dozed again.  Take away the antibiotics, and all energy is gone.

Reading:  “Gone Missing,” by Linda Castillo.  Engaging and well written so far.

Balance:  Taking the new glasses back and sticking to my guns tho I confused the Doc. 

After spending a truly slothful day creating nothing, we finally decided to go see the fireworks from the Berkley…next year.  This year, thinking seemed beyond us.

By five minutes to nine in the evening, there was a boom and the whole sky lit up pink.  It was a way beyond normal sky color…everywhere, but we ignored it.  This morning, our news reports that due to a glitch, on three of the five fireworks barges, everything had gone off at once.  At all once means 20,000 fireworks went off in 15 seconds.  This morning the powers-that-be say that it wasn’t human error but a computer error.  

No matter what caused the problem, thousands who were on the bay to watch the fireworks feet cheated.

Here’s the Union Tribune article…with video from many angles.  At noon today, some still hadn’t heard the news, but many were aware that big blast was worldwide news.  Pictures from around the world show up on my query, and I enclude this one video for your amazement.


  1. I saw this on the news and wondered if you had gone. I guess those who were disappointed need to get over it. As you know, I do not have a lot of sympathy for those who think they are entitled...even to free fireworks, paid by tax money. There are worse things such as injury to those who put on the show. There is always next year...and if we don't live to see next year...we won't care! Sorry I am such a curmudgeon but the heat has fried my brain.

  2. Paid by tax money? Around here, they collect donations to pay for fireworks. The firemen stand in the street with a boot...

    (They used to do that for Muscular Dystrophy too, but without Jerry Lewish, a lot of the enthusiasm is gone.)

  3. It's amazing what people will spend money on and what they won't. Cut money for education and spend it on fireworks that don't work.

    By the way, why is a computer error not a human error?

    I think it's a good job you had a nice lazy day. Hope you are done soon with antibiotics.

  4. has the news interviewed any barge crews on what happened (computer error????) and what it felt like to be there? nobody hurt? might this be a new trend in fireworks displays?

  5. Yeah, I saw it on the news, too. What a waste of money!

  6. It was worldwide alright. We saw it played over and over here in Hawaii. What a horrible shame though.


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