July 8, 2012

Sunday Snippets

Tractor 8 and the John Stennis entering port 2011.

  • The USS John Stennis visited San Diego this week.  Just for a short stay.  It had been home ported here for many years, and there are signs and flags flying everywhere welcoming her.  Just as we were during the Vietnam War, the west coast is once again turning into a major home port site for much of the US Navy.

  • One of our favorite restaurants, Brian’s, has closed its doors.  There are big signs on many windows that say “Closed for Reorganization.”  They once had three restaurants, then two, now only their first one.  We were there often in the years we worked on the AIDS Quilt, which is now showing in Washington DC, and we still stopped in with some regularity.  We were fond of the wait staff, and we mourned when the two Brian’s began divorce proceedings.  Now one has sold his share, and this favorite eatery has closed.  All we can do is hope the closure isn’t permanent.

  • Our current baby crow has a real voice this year unlike last year’s baby.  It doesn’t grate on our nerves as do http://www.sandiegotraveltips.com/public/Wild_Parrots_of_San_Diego.cfm>the parrots of OB.  The hundreds of birds in one flock settle in daily to sleep in the tree outside our bedroom window.  They tuck themselves in with great chatter, and they wake when we do with more great amounts of chatter X 100’s.

  • Eldest daughter Lessa announced that she has found dead eggs again.  Nothing alive.  After all the work she did, after getting rid of so much stuff, I cannot believe she is still finding some.  She isn’t finding any on her, but some in Zoe’s hair.  Very frustrating.

  • Positive days here.  The fogs creep in and out.  We get a chance to talk with other car folks.  Trying to add Maritime Matters pages as a friend on Facebook this morning, I discover that Bee and the Father of Granddaughter Sally share several mutual friends.  I’ve bought the first few small Christmas Gifts already.  (Never got the friends thing figured out.)  At estate sales today, we found a beautiful silver XXXXXXXX XXXXX for Bee, a pair of XXXXXX for Mohave, and of course a XXXX by a favorite author for Lessa.  I can stick money in the fingers of the XXXXXX, and ditto in the XXXX.  Nothing for Lenora or G yet.  Trying to find charming things for little money always taxes my sense of humor.

  • This video offers a magical look at Rita Heyworth.  My imagination was captured completely.  Do take a few minutes to enjoy these truly special moments.


  1. Not Brian's! They have veggie burgers with cheese and peanut butter! I am holding out hope that they settle things and open at least one again. WOW!

  2. I had no idea Rita Hayworth was actually an amazing dancer. I just thought of her as a femme fatale actress. I love how the music coordinates beautifully with her moves.

  3. Super video. Nobody did it quite like Rita!
    She started out as a dancer

  4. Thanks for sharing all the news. I haven't even thought about Christmas....I love buying special gifts for my loved ones....something I will have to start doing soon.

  5. What beautiful legs she had. Her moves surprisingly matched the beat of the superimposed music. Too bad she had Alzheimer's towards the end of her life.

  6. Great video. I watched the whole thing. We were great fans of Gene Kelly, less so FA. I swear I caught sight of Lucille Ball in a rea dress about 3/4 of the way through the film. Rita was the cat's meow, and I saw some of these films when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing. Dianne

  7. I loved the Rita Hayworth video. Someone was really good at editing to put that together. I loved it. Rita was amazing.

  8. A beautiful woman. And she could dance, but I'll put in a word for Fred A. (and I like Gene Kelly too). But nobody has been able to move like FA before or since.

  9. Very special indeed. Ditto everything everyone else said.


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