August 23, 2012

All in a Day's Work

Top: Backroom shelves full; Bottom: now almost empty and got emptier.

The giant 50% off everything store sale sold everything quite successfully.  Still on shelves and extra added tables were hundreds of books that didn’t sell.  Many of them came from that giant recycle batch of a week ago.  I gave the worst to Father Joe’s, and I put the rest out. 

This day I asked if I could get rid of the messy piles of books.  After I had been at work about an hour, the boss said yes.  I culled enthusiastically, massively, without compassion.  We are supposed to be a higher end thrift store, and many of the books on the sale tables were tired.  Tired, moldy, dirty and dusty won’t do.  No dings, dents, or fluff and folded books allowed either. 

I filled all the empty boxes in the store.  Ditto brown paper bags.  In the end I resorted to those giant black plastic bags with only a limited number of books in each.  Never before had I moved so many books in such a short period of time.  I left for home an hour late, but the shelves were pristine and books were well displayed.

  • Himself:  Another test batch of Subrogations has arrived.
  • Reading:  The same book on the Civil War battles.
  • Balance:  Watching a PBS special on PTSD.  Daughter Lessa has that.


  1. WHOA! What a formidable pile and you certainly did CULL! Didn't you? Must have felt good. :)

  2. Sad to hear about Lessa's illness. I think I suffered with that for years. Better now, may she too recover.

    I just emptied a shelf of bird books into the recycle bin along with several reels of slides. Finally go the slide machine to work and discovered I had a taken a lot of bad photos. Please tell me practice makes perfect. I so want to be a good photographer and enjoy your shots, even when shelves of books. You got the gift I think. Dianne

  3. Wow.. that's quite a difference. So, where did they all go?

  4. High-end thrift shop. I keep trying to get my mind around that phrase. Only in America.

  5. We have a new thrift shop that took over a huge area where an office supply store was. I'll have to stop in and see if they're "high-end."

  6. Oh so excellent, Mage! You did a fabulous job.

  7. I like the way a shopper can read the titles quickly without angling their head into an impossible dizzying angle.


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