August 24, 2012

Ah, Reality!

I miss these two.  Mohave is now a high school senior.

The Great Geezer and I like Project Runway…the show on the Lifetime Channel that pits one young designer against a tough challenge every week.  Yesterday the challenge was to design an outfit for a real person to help them feel better about themselves. 

Most of the outfits worked well.  To make it even better, most of the “real people” participated in the episode with humor and delight.  One designer didn’t do well reducing his client to tears.  Reducing me to yelling back at the television in frustration.

I asked G, “Do you mind if I talk to the TV?”

Yes,” he replied.

I hid my head under the sheet and tried to drown out the denigrating things this man was saying to his client….Horrible things, and his skirt was vaguely ok but the shirt design made the lady look like a large turquoise balloon.  I was truly embarrassed for her, for the show, and for the designer who didn’t even seem realize what he had done. 

Each week, the designer of the worst outfit goes home.  They sent a man with an equally horrible outfit home yet kept this uncouth, bad mannered designer on the show for another week.  Yes, it made good TV, but it was an embarrassment to the show to keep him on and so tacitly condone his behaviors.

  • Himself:  Gym and work hard all day.  Simple dinner and is feeling himself again.
  • Herself:  Wrote hard and fell asleep over this newest Nazi piece.  I’m not a natural at writing.  I have to pull hard to make it work.  Yes, the dust, molds, and perfumes at work truly affect me.
  • Reading:  ”Writers and Poets” magazine.
  • Balance:  Hearing that Lenora is doing ok today.


  1. Bad behaviour sells advertising. Sad.

  2. And you wonder why I seldom watch reality shows? I hate seeing people at their worst.

    You have good stories to tell. The writing will get easier with practice.

  3. Lovely picture of you and your family, Mage! My daughter used to watch Project Runway before she left home to attend grad school. Don't think she has time for it now.

  4. His kharma will catch up with him.

    And I scream at the TV, too. And don't care what the Big Guy thinks! :)

    Lovely family photo!

  5. Beautiful family.. those wonderful smiling faces. :)

    Bad behaviour on reality television sells. It keeps people coming back and they know it.

  6. I haven't watched the most recent episode of Project Runway yet but I bet I know who that rude designer is.....

  7. I do dislike reality shows that uses bad behavior as entertainment. It sets a truly horrible example for everybody.

  8. All in a days work. When they don't call, I assume they are okay. My Mom always said, no news is good news. I tried to write her several times a week for a long time. I always ansered her letters to me.

    I think you have your own photoshop software? I need advice on what to buy for my home work. Dianne

  9. Whoever said writing should be easy oughta be horsewhipped! It's lonely and hard! As for bad reality shows, I think those awful people are supposed to make us "average joes" feel better about ourselves. It doesn't, does it?


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