August 9, 2012


The only place here that’s cool is directly on the beach.

Even unrhymed sonnets are difficult for me. 

You’d laugh.  There’s G struggling away with his new responsibilities facing the wall, and there I am right behind him counting syllables on my fingers while trying to follow a thread of content in my fuzzy brain. 

I’m writing about Elephants in the Living Room.  Some families have those.  Until mine got treated, mine was alcoholism.  Some, like the lady who gave so much fabric to the AIDS Quilt, didn’t talk to her husband for 30 years.  That’s a long time and made such a giant elephant that I still remember it. 

My goal here is, in three four line stanzas plus two lines at the end of ten syllables a line, to be coherent.  Ha, indeed.  My brain has this distressing tendency to wander away hither and yon, and I can’t be that Victorian in so few lines.  I rewrote it yesterday, again, and I will rephrase it this morning after the pool.  I left it yesterday with a feeling I had a handle on it; I hope this morning I don’t discovery gibberish as I wave my fingers in the air counting….one, two, three…..

  • Himself:  A new part of our vocabulary: Subrogation.  That’s what he’s doing right now.  “It’s amazing how fast time goes past,” he says.
  • Herself:  Late to staff meeting.  Oh, embarrassment.  A big pile of books on the floor, then one kind man brought in a hundred or so in two car loads.  We be books.
  • Reading:  Watching the Olympics.
  • Balance:  Finding ways to stay cool.  It was 92 at the Discovery shop just over the Point.
  • Olympics:


  1. Must post about one of my elephants...except he really is just an ugly rhinoceros right now. We all have them! Love that you are so good about your poetry.

  2. I would like to write poetry. Don't know where to begin.Hot here, very humid. Maybe rain would help.

  3. We are back in the 80s now and raining. August is always nicer than September, but that ain't saying much.

    As for elephants, I've seen a few of those too. Some will not go away until one of the folks feeding the damn thing dies.

    Fuzzy brains and poetry? I wish I had one lyrical bone in my poor body. Dianne

  4. Those elephants are so large and cumbersome, amazing how they can be ignored.

  5. Elephants in the living room? Here we have sick and injured grandkids with their parents out of town until Monday morning! Give me elephants any day! (LOL) Say it slowly: S I B L I N G R I V A L R Y ! Looking forward to your elephants soon--when and if you're ready to share!

  6. Alcoholism is a tough thing and I'm glad you were able to get it treated.

    Didn't talk to her husband for 30 years? Why stay married, for goodness sake?


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