August 31, 2012

Working a Sale

….wherein I sat inside a tiny room with lots of empty boxes.

Random items from the jewelry sale.

It was kind of fun to come in to work in good clothes and just sit.  My job was to take ten or less items and store them in bins until the shopper was ready to go home.  Take the things, hand her a ticket, write her name on the other half of the ticket, and smile.  It was the easiest job I have ever had.

Oh, I took photos for the American Cancer Society’s store site.  We had some fun stuff this time.  I even bought one piece.

We were all a bit disappointed that there was no long line in front of the store when we opened.  Still folks shopped.  Several members of my swimming group came by.  One condo board member shopped in.  And a couple of writers showed their mettle dragging  armloads of clothes and jewelry to the checkout counter.

Today is the second day of the sale.  I think all the Chico’s items are gone.  The best or most forward of the necklaces are sold also.  A second army of volunteers will come to work the floor today while I do my usual back room job.  Volunteers are a wonderful gift to non-profits like this one.  We couldn’t run without them.

  • Himself:  Had a ball at the ball game.  Finished the last of this test batch and is looking forward to a light day.  Didn’t move around enough.  Tonight is the last meeting By The Bay BBQ too.
  • Herself:  Enjoyed some well played baseball Wednesday night.  Thursday: Did the photos and forgot to shoot the clothes.  Gee.  Found myself working in the storage area smiling and being nice.  I got ink on my good tan pants but the boss called to thank me for all my hard work.  I just sat on a chair, I told her laughing.
  • Reading:  Finished a 2005 Evanovitch romance.
  • Balance:  Falling asleep in the middle of Project Runway and it was Ok.


  1. Oh, you guys are sneaky. I always check out when I have too much to carry; it means I can't spend as much.

  2. The jewelry would intrigue me. Especially if any of it was high end costume stuff. Oh well, good thing I do not live nearby.

  3. Sounds like the sale was faboo...Love the jewelry. Glad you got to sit and admire the items to be put into the bins...Sounds like great fun.

  4. Sounds like a good day, love the costume jewelry, especially those brown earrings that look like fish or plant. Reminds me of bakelite.
    Hooray for the praise coming your way.


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