September 10, 2012


California Dreaming.

It was a rather amazing afternoon.  A delightful blue sky with a few scudding white clouds arrayed itself outside my big doors.  And there I was, more than comfortably arrayed on a mound of pillows, with a wonderful D. E. Stevenson book on my Nook.

It was exciting to find one of my favorite authors available for download…even if it was an early and slightly awkward book.  I was still charmed by the adventure of a young lady pre-WWII who found her dividends vanishing in the depression.  Down to 14 pounds in her bank account, she decides to write a book about what she knows…her small village and its denizens.  She’s unprepared for the dramatic backlash when her neighbors and friends recognize themselves. 

Occasionally I dozed off in the warm afternoon.  I confess.  But the quiet excitement on the pages and the wonderful, familiar voice in my head soon woke me.  Another just as familiar but slightly more adventuresome voice is that of Elizabeth Cadell.  None of her stories are available for download, but they are online as eBooks. 

The future hasn’t passed me by, it was just waiting for me to wake up.

  • Himself:  Went with me to Barnes and Noble to answer a few Nookish questions, accompanied me to JCPenneys for shorts, and then a bowl of Chinese.  In the afternoon he played computergames.
  • Herself:  Pleased at our first effort at socialization.  Dinner was good.  Everyone had a good time.  This morning had questions answered at B&N and found a pair of shorts that fit.  I like the new JCPennays philosopy as I got out of there for less than I would have at Target or Ross with far better made products.
  • Reading:  ”Miss Buncle’s Book”….which the not helpful man at the store deleted and the nice lady restored.
  • Balance:  Reading.


  1. Sounds like a great day and I've added the book to my always-too-long "gotta read" list!

  2. Nice. I like the way you have of expressing yourself. Glad the dinner party was a success!

  3. Oh goodness me. If you don't stop all this good reporting on your new Nook I am going to be hopelessly envious.

    On another note. My DIL just called to discuss our travel plans. She wants to switch Friday, October 5th with Saturday October 6th. That is, she wants me on Friday.

    So, I would like to visit with you on Saturday Oct.6th if that fits your plans. Can you make the switch?

    Richard and Wendy will drop me off at your house, but I volunteered you would bring me home. Apparently, the boys have ball games that day (oh the joys of parenthood!!), Having had two bouts of skin cancer, I am NOT going to sit though an afternoon of kid's games in the hot sun. I am a really bad grandma, ain't I. Dianne

  4. A lovely day, and thanks for a couple of new (to me) authors to search and read.

  5. Another book for me to search for....glad you are learning about the Nook...I'm sure you will enjoy finding those books you love that are not always available at the library.

  6. Glad for your pleasant day and socializing success. Thanks for mention of authors I have added to my remember to read list.

  7. ooh! this book sounds good--i will look for it, thanks!
    but I am going to stubbornly stick to the old fashioned nonNook book! my paperbacks usually have leaves being pressed waiting to surprise you.


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