September 28, 2012

The Weekend: 1. 2. and.....

1993 Art Opening at SDSU Masters Gallery: A very tired G, Me, Alex, Lenora, Lessa.  I've been adding family pictures to the pages with great difficulty.

Thursday:  Without any thoughts on our part, I find that we put ourselves in the middle of a very complicated weekend.  When I started to write someone about this cacophony, the Geezer was still sitting in the Denver Airport.  He sounds very cheery and on top of things, but I don’t think he’s planned much beyond getting home.

We work tomorrow, if he get’s some sleep that is, meet here after work and attend a end of summer BBQ sponsored by our Friday evening meeting.  Then we go to a Convention.  Meet, greet, hug and talk for hours….even a little listening.  The Great Geezer has booked us for a formal dinner….hopefully that’s Saturday.  I still don’t fit any of my good clothes, but I can wear black on black with bling and fake it.  You can see me faking it. 

Sunday we have more meets, and greets, and listens…and maybe a breakfast too. 

Sometimes all I can do is laugh.


Friday:  He got off work early and we grabbed a half a sandwich before heading out.  I knew the BBQ would be held in the dark, and sure enough it was.  The only BBQ that arrived was electric, and out chef insisted it wouldn’t cook the meat.  I ate one…well done…anyway, we cleaned things up, divided everything up as it was the last BBQ of the year, and headed for the Southern California Convention in the Valley.  The opening was amusing, but the speaker droned.  G had a terrible struggle keeping me awake, and he didn’t fully succeed.  I woke up for the last few sentences, was hugged joyously by my old nemesis, and escaped home to bed.  We slept in late this morning, but are not prepared for the horrible heat and humidity that are supposed to hit us today.


  1. That's a pretty photo of you, Mage. Black with bling will always make one look good. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I think the laughing is a great suggestion.

  3. These years too much social stuff exhausts me completely. I used to be an energetic just a slow caterpillar.

  4. Black on Black with some fab jewelry will make you the Style Icon.....Hope you have time to enjoy all the activities...

  5. Have fun! I always do black on black or whatever with a little costume jewelry to get me by too. You're going to have so much fun!

  6. David and I attended conventions for years, both Al-Anon and AA, and state and international. Great folks and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

    So many have died. He just left for his Saturday meeting. He says there is one fellow older than him, but his good buddies are all gone now.

    Now is when you share with the young, if they will listen.


  7. Laughing is saving my life right now.


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