September 24, 2012


Captain Poolies museum where G works Saturday’s.

We were ruthless yesterday. 

While G was off to the museum on Saturday, I laid plans for “the hunt” on Sunday.  Since we didn’t find grandpa’s papers downstairs Saturday morning, where I had thought they might be, we needed to dig out the old journals from our obscure attic.  No papers there either, but we found the journals that had the names.  While things were being hauled out, half of what’s up there headed for the thrift store. 

Three quilts went to the store, one pillow sorted to Father Joe, plus all the boxes of journals came down.  We did find the three with the genealogical data…but no dates.  While we were doing all this, we emptied another four boxes of stuff out of the room too.  Red pillows in my closet for the day we switch from red to blue in the living room.  Another three blue pillows. 

In that upper attic now are only the boxes of my journals, the winter quilt, and the Christmas ornaments.  I felt truly heroic.  Ruthless indeed.


  1. Wow, I love people like you that can say goodbye when too much 'stuff' has accumulated. Living in an apartment we have to regularly cull our stuff. Stuff accumulates quickly and we wouldn't have anywhere to live if we kept it all. Good for you.

  2. You did well. I have too much stuff in this house. I wish I had your willpower.

  3. Congratulations! It must feel wonderful to get all that accomplished. We got rid of stuff when we moved to Hawaii 4 years ago, but I'm seeing us accumulate stuff again. Sigh... I'll need to follow your example.

  4. I will be purging soon. Very soon. And it's not bulimia.

  5. I've never seen photos of your red living room, only the beautiful blue.

    You need to elevate your feet and legs more. Too much moving around and the water in your body drains to lower extremities. Dianne


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