October 5, 2012

Doubly Gold

Doubly gold, small winter roses, 2012.

And so begins a full week of busyness. 

The first suitcase is up and airing.  Today, instead of swimming, I’m waiting for Bee to arrive before heading off to the thrift store.  At one, I get a shot for my hip….that will make me feel a twenty year old again…just for a moment.  Tomorrow is lunch with Dianne, and Sunday is a day to plan, organize, bring up the big suitcase, and do other travel stuff.

Next week a dinner with the Captain, teeth cleaning for me, Weight Watchers Wednesday, a nutritionist appointment Friday, and Feasters with our old friends on Saturday. 

We who are never social are having a social week too.

I need to remember to cancel the mail and tell our house-watching neighbor to take the paper. 

If you want me, I’m smiling while moving as fast as I can.  Just today.


  1. Sounds like purposeful, necessary busyness punctuated with pleasureable interludes. Have fun. Hope that 20-year-old feeling lasts. Great combo for travel-- wisdom of age and the physical casing of a kid!

  2. Beautiful photograph, wonderful flower. I am greeting

  3. Lot of busy work to get ready for the trip....I know you two will enjoy it so much....and we will get the awesome photos to relive it with you later.

  4. I want that shot! Is it legal ;-) ?

  5. I don't see how you could get any more social. Have a wonderful trip. I hope that shot sees you through the trip.

  6. You do take the most extraordinary photos of roses, Mage. Glad you're having such a full and wonderful week. I'm up to my ears right now too!!!


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