November 17, 2012

17: A Success

Sparkles of all kinds near two tall thin trees yesterday.

I got to the store early with a list of photos I had to redo for the Facebook album.  There was a line forming then.  My job yesterday was to be the sorter but finished the Facebook album before the doors were opened.

A lovely lady had donated her whole home minus the stove and refrigerator and everything arrived Wednesday….the sofa and organ were among the things too big to store in back.  While I worked on the small donations that kept arriving all day, three other’s began going through the boxes and containers that packed the back.  It’s sad but fascinating to see a whole life in boxes. 

As we sorted, in the front of the store, the shoppers crowded in.  Long lines formed not only at the “hold” room where you can pile up your new found treasures, but at both registers.  Everything that had flowed in all year long was now leaving at light speed.  Even I broke down, much to G’s disappointment, and purchased two cat ornaments.  There was a brief moment or two of calm in the middle of the day, but by the time I was headed home there were lines once again.

I was awfully glad that customers came out to support the American Cancer Society this holiday.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.  Our blogging friend ThomaS has talked to the FEMA folks and yesterday his insurance adjuster came by.  Action at last.
  • Himself:  Says every day he feels better.  He slept well for the first part of the night too.
  • Herself:  Slept just awfully….toss, turn, and internal grumblings.  Arthritic thumb hates me.
  • Reading:  Bought a book on a hundred years of Hollywood costuming, but my eyes are still to awful to  use.
  • Balance:  Feeling better about G.


    1. My sympathies to ThomaS. I need to go to earlier blogs and find out more about the shop where you volunteer. It sounds like a well-organized effort where volunteering makes a real impact. Glad G continues in the "getting better" category. Sending thoughts and prayers for your progress in that category, too.

      And a happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

    2. As usual, your pictures are terrific. Make me want to come to the shop. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    3. A lot of work is put into these volunteer efforts and for such a good cause volunteers make the world a better place. I thank you and keep away from those ornaments.

    4. Hooray for the getting better in your house. Classy looking shop!

    5. I have been MIA owing to Peaches. We finally euthanized her. Too tough.

      Love the Christmas cheer I find here. Dianne

    6. If I ever get to SD, I'm definitely including your shop as a stop. By the pictures, you have some neat stuff.

    7. So glad he is gtting better. Have just orderded myshingles vacccine.


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