November 7, 2012

7: Knobbly Textures

Above:  The “Chapel” façade at the Smithsonian Castle, 2012.  Below: The interior.

We are waiting till after eight to call the Doctor’s office.  G’s face truly looks like some sort of winter squash.  Something flew into his eye on Monday night that was very painful.  Today the pain has expanded into an accompanying knobbly, red texture that is also very painful. 

He’s said that I can come with him, so I am sticking around till we know the appointment time.  It’s a book day for me, but I have memories of going to the doctor’s then finding myself in the hospital.  Life is often easier when you have backup.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts and donating where it will count.
  • Himself:  Gym first.  Worked hard, ate dinner, watched the returns, and slept.
  • Herself:  Swim, learning new computer, and begun research on a compare and contrast essay between the Facist and Federal architectural styles.  Yesterday afternoon was a wash for me.  I ate lunch and dozed the afternoon away.  Feeling chipper today.
  • Reading:  ”Polaris.”  It’s good space opera.
  • Balance:  Sleeping seems to be the choice for me yesterday.  Our giant goodie box just now arrived in Afghanistan after six months in the mail.  G chatted with Aaron this morning.
  • Thank you all for voting.  We are pleased here tho our mayoral race is still too close to call.


    1. Yes we voted and it was a trial. Love your photos of the old Victorian building. Dianne

    2. So sorry about the bug bite. It does not sound nice. Have you ever read my honeymoon story and the bee that stung hubby? So glad this election is over...too much c..p on TV and now I can just watch Honey, Boo Boo and relax.

    3. Love the picture inside the castle. Hope G is OK. Things that happen on the face are awful.

    4. Oh no... Poor G. That sounds awful and scary. I hope they can find out what the problem is quickly and give him the cure.


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