December 6, 2012

Book Face

We putter our way along into the holidays.  It’s been so many years since I planned a party that I’m still dithering over the foods.  Even simple foods seem beyond my imagination, tho I have the drinks well in hand. The house is done.  There are still a few gifts to wrap.  I can do that. 

We did the cards together last night, and it was as if the Great Geezer ate a lemon.  By the time we were done, his welts were raised and red.  Poor guy needs yoga and meditation or he won’t recover from this ugly disease.

I had to laugh at myself yesterday too.  The mountain of books in the back room at the store had grown exponentially, and a late starting Joan finally got them priced after a great struggle.  I approached the boss with what must have been a pathetic look.

She barely glanced my way and said as she retreated, “No you can’t have any more shelves for your books.  You can have a book sale.”

Not only must I wear my heart on my sleeve, I must wear books on my face.


  1. I hope Geezer is up to having dinner tonight.

  2. Oh, I hope the Geezer gets the relaxation he needs. We can't let this thing ruin his days.

  3. Shingles is awful, poor guy! David and I got the shingles vaccine this year, and I hope we are protected.

  4. Hope the book sale is grand.....and gives you more book shelf spaces....

  5. Hope the book sale is grand.....and gives you more book shelf spaces....

  6. I wish you both peace. When I'm stressd the site of my shingles tingles and itches. It is a plague of a disease. Hope he recovers soon.

  7. Feeling better and no should look into get the vaccine. I am so sorry that your Geezer must endure these set-backs. Keep his spirits up because it WILL pass in time.


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