December 26, 2012

Love: That's What It's All About

Top: Lessa’s tree.  Middle: Lessa enjoying her day.  Bottom:  The Great Geezer and Zoe learning how to play a game on Wii.

Friends Joined us at our house last week, and I so enjoyed talking with them while enjoying their company.  It’s been years since we threw a gathering of any sort, and, selfishly, we had a wonderful time.  I even forgot to take pictures.  All these wonderful folks talking to all these other wonderful folks just astounded me.  I’ve been so unsocialized the last few years that there was this constant feeling of surprise around the whole few hours.

Even the cookies, crackers, and cheese were a hit.  Yes, I am grinning.

Christmas eve, don’t laugh, but we went to bed and watched “Die Hard.” 

Christmas day I came down with a cold.  Some one of the lovely friends I hugged the previous week had a cold.  It didn’t matter.  I huddled in a far corner of Lessa’s tiny, Christmas filled cottage….much like mine was in the old days, and refused all hugs.

Two organizations had adopted Lessa and Zoe, and the boxes and goodies happily covered every corner.  Even one lady adopted Lessa giving her a lovely warm red, long fringed scarf, and a delightful green purse.  Boxes of gifts were for Zoe, and I was pleased to see we didn’t duplicate anything from anyone else. 

Our gift of a Wii game for Zoe was a huge hit….and they were off and playing while Lessa and I had a chance to talk in the living room.  We talked about her pop and her wish to see him again.  Gifts of time like this are rare now.

Home to bed, to read Alex Witchel’s “All Gone: A Memoir of my Mother’s Dementia – with refreshments.”  Lovely, and touching, with her mother’s recipes as an added dimension.  This stirred me to dig out “No More Words” Reeve Lindbergh’s journal of her mother’s last years.  Perhaps now, these many years later, I could view my mother’s own last fading years without the angst and anger.

There really is nothing but love.


  1. It's what it's all about. Loved your gathering!

  2. My holidays are still somewhat intense with one in diapers and another still a post-toddler and a third that I have to ride the governor on Nintendo games. Love them all, but sure is exhausting babysitting while parents head back to work this week.

  3. And a very nice time was had by all. Girls look cheerful and love the shot of G with your granddaughter. Dianne

  4. I love the photo of your daughter laughing.....she looks happy.
    and of course, your granddaughter is adorable with Grandpa....

  5. From what I have gathered in reading your posts in the time that I have visited you here, I would guess that the love has always been there, but you are particularly able to appreciate it now. Wonderful photos and so glad you had a smile-filled holiday. I got a cold, too.

  6. What a great day you had!!!!! I don't think of you as unsocialized -- you always seem to be out and about. I, on the other hand am becoming a hermit. Sigh.

  7. It's always nice to celebrate with family and friends, regardless of the reason. Only trouble is that it takes so much energy to clean the house before and after the event.

  8. lovely! and wow: you are not unsocial! at least in the blogosphere, you make me look like quite the wall flower! love your photos! xo c


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