December 11, 2012

Slightly Annoyed

“…it is what it is,” says the great Geezer, or a December Rant.                                                                  

Utah, 2008.

I’ve tried very hard the last fifteen or so years to remain inoffensive and seemingly family neutral.  I don’t write about politics here…though I have mentioned that I am a commie pinko rat several times with my tongue in my cheek.  I do not discuss religion either.  I don’t often wave my dogged belief in AA in front of all of you just in case I truly offend my very conservative, married into family.  I love the Geezer, and he’s most important.

I don’t like family discord.  There’s enough of that going around without my waving a flag at the bull.  I grew up in a very alcoholic angry family with little flag flying but lots of silent flapping.  Silence is just as bad as yelling proclamations.   

So without my fussing about it, I do want you to know that I am liberal.  Like Gramma Maudie used to say, I have Buddhist leanings.  I’m an alcoholic and an old sixties speed freak too.  There is no cure, but there is a tool box offered by the program of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I have tried to keep those tools well used the last 28 years.  I vote my beliefs, and I care.  I care about Gay marriage, low fat and low salt foods, and laughter. 

There’s that Rule 62 again.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Clear to go by the eye doc unless there’s another relapse.  Hurrah.

  • Herself:  Had a gloriously lazy day.

  • Reading:  One of the Maisie Dobbs, well crafted mysteries by Author Jacqueline Windspear.   Even napped over it after lunch.

  • Balance:  Reading all of you tho I didn’t always make time to leave a note.  Thank you for your wonderful blog entries.  I’ve missed the OD entries, but I know you will be back soon.

    1. 8) I had to add a grin first.

      I don't mind if you talk about your beliefs. I feel that friendship does not require unity of opinion. (I found that description from Anne Perry and Mahatma Ghandi. I feel I am in good company.)

      If you can't rant in your own journal, then where? It's yours. Anyone who doesn't like it should know where the little X is.

    2. I never noticed that any of your opinions were offensive...I think you have a wonderful way of seeing the world especially through your photos....and I appreciate that you share.

    3. I have a photo of that exact same shed in Utah! I swear! I will have to find it and post it.

    4. I read all of your posts, too, though I don't always comment on each one.

    5. I like your posts and you> Glad that you share. I suspect we share a lot of views in common. And AA has helped countless people and their friends and relatives.

    6. I tend to keep away from such topics myself.. easy enough to do with a photo blog. But I'm very rarely offended in any way when someone speaks their mind in their own arena. And if I were to disagree.. so what? It changes nothing and matters not. Speak your mind when you want to. Your honesty is good to hear.

    7. Thank you all for your comments and support. I'm afraid I got angry when a family member rejected me because of my beliefs. Like Hilary, I too have said little on the hot topics just so I don't offend the family. Darn.

    8. So very proud of my state (Washington!)that it's hard to keep quiet on issues that others may find offensive.

    9. Rant away, my friend. It's good for your spleen.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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