January 15, 2013


Regatta on the model boat pond; January, Mission Bay, CA.  2013.

All anyone talks about here is the weather.  It’s cold….for us.  37 degrees F (2.77777777777777 C) at the pool yesterday.  It’s warming up.  48 degrees F today which is 8.88888888888889 C.  The pool wasn’t as warm, so no one believed me.

Weather.  My skin is dry and flaking like a snowfall in Maine.  My hands hurt.  I know, stop bitching and use lotion.  Lotion draws dust.  I am allergic to dust. 

Yeah, it’s endless.

The co-pay bill came for my hip shot.  We had to go back into my journals to see what I had done that generated such an appallingly expensive co-pay so long ago.  Now we can look forward to the future.  Hip replacement costs 28 to 31 thousand, and the co-pay will be two to three thousand.  Now we know what appallingly huge sum to save. 

Did I say I still was planning on going to two conventions and a cruise this year.  (March) The AA “Spring Round Up” is down in the valley.  That’s where I get those really great rose pictures.  (July) And “Comic Con.”  We actually have four day tickets for each of us.  I still need a bonnet, a holster, and some high heeled boots for my Steam Punk character. 

He found a top hat at an estate sale.  He bought a long oiled coat for the dramatic effect.

I want a good sized drawing board too.  One came through the shop and went to Father Joe before I knew I wanted one.  Double darn. 

Did anyone watch the dresses at the golden Globes?  Red was the thing, tho the pundits tore the aubergine dress to shreds, I liked that one too.

Life is pretty darned good right now.  Needs and wants are two different things.  There’s really nothing I need at this time.  Isn’t that great stuff.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  His eye still doesn’t  like oncoming headlights, and at the gym his head feels as if there is a great weight on it.  He’s going to  the gym 3 days a week.
  • Herself:  Pool pooped me out yesterday.  Better today.
  • Reading:  Gave up on Bosch and went to the library.  Found a humorous book about a woman who writes obits.  She noted the unusualities of her job such as two doctors dying the same day or two moon walkers passing on the same day too.  Checking out my obits this morning, today I discovered that the first two obits were for a man and a woman named Skip.
  • Balance:  Not coughing this morning.  Ommmmmmmmm.

    1. I am reading The Sparrow. A great Syfy read. This year there MUST be photos of your two in costume. Get one of the punkheads to do it.

    2. Glad you are well & happy and have such glorious plans for 2013!!!

    3. I can only imagine how excited you are about Comic Con!

    4. Didn't watch the GG but loved the red dress the gal from Austrailia (married to Liev Schribner) wore. I catch up on all the Hollywood gossip via my hair sylists' movie mags.

      Why can't I recall her name??? I can remember the name of her first husband (Norton). I first saw her in 'Mulholland Drive' and first saw Liev in A Walk on the Moon with Diane Lane and Viggo Mortensen. I know Liev is a fine stage actor.

      All three actors starred in a movie together and then the husband in real life (Norton) lost his wife the actress to Liev. Apparently, the affair Leiv and the actress had in the movie spilled over into real life.

      Darn doble darn. A mind is a terrible thing to lose.

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    6. You sound great. I'm so pleased for you.

    7. My first reaction to the line about what you're looking for the Comic Con character, "That's a photo op I can hardly wait for! Like Tabor said, get someone to take the two of you together!


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