February 26, 2013



I don’t measure the garlic that I crush into the frying pan with the vegetables and carefully measured tablespoon of olive oil.  They crackle a bit as I stir them.  After they begin to soften, I push them to the side.  Waiting is a half chicken breast with skin removed thinly sliced into little strips.  They go into the pan and hiss quietly alongside the paper-thin sliced onion and the sliced green and red peppers.  Minced fresh oregano and a little cumin seed is the final gesture toward good cooking. 

For we are on a diet.  Perpetually Weight Watching, we abandon our carefully measured foods every time we vacation.  Our recent two-week tour of Washington DC added eleven pounds to my already morbidly obese body.  Who knows how much my well-rounded, other-half has gained.  Because of this, we are reevaluating our ways of eating.

I get 30 points a day on the Weight Watcher Points Plus plan.  One Tablespoon of olive oil is four points.  You see my conundrum.  Those twenty-six remaining points will vanish at light speed if you subtract six points for breakfast and six more for lunch.  V8 juice is one whole point, but water and Diet Coke are zero.  I haven’t mentioned chocolate.

It’s a life style change, Weight Watchers reminds us militantly. 

This night there is no gentle cheese sauce to top my broccoli.  There is no garlic butter to caress my green beans either.  As I toss the zero point green and red peppers together with the three-point chicken breast in the four-point olive oil, I let go my dreams of butter and cream.  Slowly the veggies steam together with the herbs.  If the wonderful smells could penetrate closed doors, I’m sure I would see the neighbors with their noses wiggling. 

In a great burst of joyous enthusiasm, I tip the contents of the frying pan onto two  gently warmed tortilla, two points. 

“This is just great,” we cry together as the juices run down our arms and all over our shirts, and chairs, and onto the floors.  “This is the best ever,” we say in unison.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  ”I’m doing outstanding.”  He rebuilt Our and Lenore’s old table and sanded the Lane chest.  Urethane next.  They already look great.  Lessa is going to move the house first then storage later.  Two weeks.
  • Herself:  Doc: Toe fungus, no cure.  Me referral to Orthopedics and one other.  Today in class they laughed out loud at this piece.  Tonight two, new NCIS’s.
  • Balance:  Reading Moon’s tho I have two new Crais.


    1. You have accomplished an online breakthrough. I think the aroma of your new lifestyle cuisine is enticing me.

      i am not volunteering for cleanup and laundry duty, though!

    2. haha. What a fun way to dine! I love that type of food. I wish I had your will power, though, as I would have eaten 5 of those.

    3. The doctors are now saying that four tablespoons of olive oil a day as part of a "Mediterranean diet" will lower your cholesterol better than a statin.

      Wonder what they'll say next week.

    4. I'm so weary of watching what I eat. Will the time ever come when I'll be able to eat what I want & not gain weight?

      Am I right that a hip replacement may be in your future?

    5. I know exactly where of you speak. It is hard to give up what you love. Please reward youself just a little very 20 days. Also eat very slowly and think about the flavors in your mouth as I think that helps. Unfortunately I just read an article where is claimed that men lose belly fat NINE times faster than post -menopausal women...what a bit of hell for us.

    6. I'm painfully aware of that conundrum...

      PS There are a few needed additions to our 'perfect' place: new bathrooms; a sprinkler system; and a new cooking area. Otherwise, it's the perfect place to spend those points -- and I know you know what I mean. ;)

    7. I don't see you on the list for Friday. Are you coming?

    8. I'm sure the food tasted even better than the description...but only slightly better.

      Loved the last paragrpah.

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    10. I'm drooling, sounds so yummy!

    11. This looks like something from my diabetes diet. Yuuuuum! It looks very tasty and is making my mouth water. I love the veggies!

    12. The food sounds great. I know a cure for toe fungus. It's Vicks Vaporub, the old fashioned kind. Rub it on your nails, trying to get it under the nails, morning and night. It takes a while, weeks, to work but it does work. There is a drug that's sometimes given for toe fungus but it has very serious side affects. Vicks has no side affects.

    13. Well no wonder they laughed, it's humorous, uses so many senses, wonderful setting, and wistfulness for all the things it feels like you're losing comes through loud and clear. Good writing!

    14. Ha ha, if I ever get a toe fungus, I must remember the Vick's Vaporub.

      As for diet, your meal looks grand. I finally got my cooking mojo back last night and made a lovely veg soup. Froze the remainders in individual containers. Trying to get more veg in my diet.



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