February 2, 2013




Once this power plant produced 70% of the south bay’s pollution.

They began spraying the old power plant with water.

Boom, the first generator begins leaning.

The massive booms shake our hearts and push a wall of air in front of them as they sound off.

Photos by the great Geezer starting at 0400 hundred this morning.  Or…..Grumpy goes to an implosion! 


  1. Extreme and a bit heart pounding!

  2. So, you tailgated an implosion? That is a first!

  3. Congratulations to your Lessa and your G....and to you too. Watching those big structures implode is always so amazing....

  4. Looking good. You that is. I lost one more pound. Cut back on my espresso with cream...only because the machine broke. Ha Ha

    David...loves yoga and has begun tax preparations so clearing room is on hold. Meanwhile, I tossed more stuff. Dianne

    PS Sent a stack of books to the nursing home last evening.


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