March 10, 2013

A Picture Perfect Day

First he found it within his price range and with a timing chain not a timing belt.

Then he carefully drove it to down to our neighborhood and got it up on a rack.  It wasn’t the brakes that were broken, it was a rear strut. 

Lessa and Zoe came down to pick it up.

Four new tires, two new struts, a four wheel alignment, and an oil change gave us a chance to take family pictures.

See, there it is behind us up on a lift.

For a brief few moments, she sat quietly in a chair and ate chips.

Then we went home, went out for a salad….I should have gotten a picture of that salad, and dressed ourselves up a bit.  He even wore a button up shirt, and I wore my new/used Anne Klein jacked that Bee told me was real to the Theeeeeeeeeee-ahhhhhhh-ter.

Neil Simon’s “California Suite” presented by Clairemont Act One…a daring community theater group.  Our friend Captain Poolie was the director.  She should have been very pleased.  There were only a few bobbles, a few forgotten pages of dialogue, and a gay character that wasn’t very gay.  Other than that, it sparkled right along.  Here the curtain call….

…and here the director taking a bow.  Bravo!

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  He was truly dogged about finding Lessa a medium milaage, safe, very economical car within both their price ranges.  He says the front brake rotors need to be turned.

  • Herself:  Just very pleased she has wheels again especially now that the North County trolley is down for four months.

  • Reading:  Still reading the Moon “Vatta” series, but I am on the last volume.

  • Balance:  Puttering then meeting tonight.


    1. Sounds likea perfect day. You look great. Love the new jacket. Dianne

    2. Wonderful news....great having a guy who knows so much about used cars too.
      And loved all the photos. You look mar-vel-ous!

    3. Wonderful news....great having a guy who knows so much about used cars too.
      And loved all the photos. You look mar-vel-ous!

    4. You are looking so good. So glad you were able to help Lessa. The Geezer is a keeper.

    5. Hooray for the Geezer. Great pictures too.

    6. Wish I knew someone who was an expert on cars and also wish I lived near good theater...but still count my blessings. That little gal is a keeper.

    7. I really tried to "gay" him up. The big scene about him actually being gay got dropped last night. Might have made it better.

    8. I love the family photo. You do look wonderful! It all looks like so much fun!

    9. What a productive enjoyable day.
      I miss the fun of my acting days.
      Once we had a director who was tottally concerned with the timing and greete3d us after a certain performance delighted because we had finished five minutes early.
      We didn't tell him we had missed out two pages of dailogue.

    10. Just couldn't resist pointing out how young Zoe is blooming. Getting really pretty, she is. Love the jeans with the torn knees. Look like some of mine.


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