March 31, 2013

Ah! A synopsis!

Top: Office, one wall.  It all has to be moved.

Thursday:  While G worked, I shot the house.  Hope I got every wall pictured.  Monday I start taking the house apart.  Felt very adventuresome going to Home Depot  and U Haul alone in a pickup truck.  Got everything I needed tho.  Packed.  Dressed in things we couldn’t ruin for the ice cream social and had half a gallon of fudge over chocolate ice cream topped with two pints of really good whipped cream.  Very friendly crowd.  Poor first comedian, mediocre second comedian, really good fat comedian, and again a mediocre headliner for the last one.  The fat guy tailored his jokes to his audience, and he was just plain funny and we loved him.  Home to sleep.


This bookcase has to be packed up and moved.  After a strong argument on G’s part, the clock can stay.  Showing you the worst:  The garage stuff needs to be moved.

Friday:  I worked at the Whirley Gig sale.  Oh, My, Goodness, Gracious.  I got three of them, and another worker on her day off got a box full.  A man and wife bought almost all the others sweeping ruthlessly through the store.  It was amazing.  G picked me up, I doffed the dust of ages, and we headed to the friendliest convention yet.  The Scooter was waiting and comfortable.  He greeted early.  Roses in bud but not flowering.  Double darn.  Ate at Trestles.  A good chicken over pasta.  Opening meeting, Happy Hour speaker meeting….when Lessa arrived in time for.  Schmoosed. 

They’re all sold now.

Saturday:  Breakfast: Ate in room from our cooler.  Family Speaker Meeting, tried to get into the old timers meeting but that was really filled, and schmoosed more, and ate at Charlie’s, (hamburger,) and dressed up to usher the Banquet and Speaker meeting.  Margot went home after her fish and chips.

He brought a goodly number of his Hawaiian shirts with him this year.

We looked pretty good too.

Sunday:  We slept poorly both nights….tho Lessa slept well, we were either too cold or too hot.  Up, Yogurt…bringing breakfast was a good idea, schmoosed till the Breakfast Speaker Meeting….I was very good and didn’t eat any eggs.  Really good speaker too.  Food just OK, but we will do that again.  Schmoozed some more on the way out.  Saw Bee…she’s lost a mountain of weight but her skin is hanging. Home, nap, write here.  Post the whirley gig pictures and write in here.

Flowers everywhere but no roses.

Easter, Passover, happiness and wonderful friends to share the joy with.


  1. Thanks for the update. I don't envy the work ahead of you.

  2. Really? Really? You are complaining about 'no roses'?! I am sorry for all the moving, but you seem to be smart by taking the photos and it will all pass and be a good challenge. The truck trip was a good challenge for you, and I hope you do more.

    Love Hawaiian shirts as does Hubby.

  3. Too bad you didn't have an ice cream social every night of the week. I would have been there.

  4. Goodness, don't envy you moving day but it sounded like a grand weekend.

  5. What a wonderful and full adventure. Love the pansies. Happy traveling. Daughter Connie celebrating 30 years on April 27. Dianne

  6. Hope everything goes smoothly for you and soon you have put everything back without too much trouble.

  7. Wow! It is raining here, so your flower photos and convention accounts have perked up my day.


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