March 2, 2013

Lost and Found

Embroidery thread bracelets made by child labor.

Somehow I managed to lose an earring and a bracelet yesterday and not get upset. Perhaps old age helps.

I didn’t lose the wonderful lowriders at the automotive museum tho. I have a gallon of images to download later In the day. The show was so popular both inside the museum and outside in back, that they will hold a second show so everyone can see the lowriders. 625 folks RSVP’s, but a lot of folks who wanted to come couldn’t. It was sold out. Inside, music, and outside a DJ plus Mexican food cart chosen by the low riders. And outside more lowriders lined up around the grassy space spiced up by beautiful motorcycles.

For a short time I sat inside and watched the crowds pass by. I was near a table where one professor was handing out flyers about a new film on the history of lowriders. The first lowrider creators are dying, and there is no record of there work. There were lots of beautiful people tho. Black clothing everywhere. Smiles. Talking….in Spanish beyond my high school limits. Beautiful children. Captain Poolie should be pleased tho she looked harrased. The mayor didn’t show…a politically bad move. A good move, our being there.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself: “Okie, Dokie, Smokie.”
  • Herself: Headache…ah well. Dropped camera yesterday at work.
  • Reading: Finished off Moon’s Familias series, and moving on to the Vatta novels. Oh, I do love my space opera.
  • Balance: Getting out of the house while Marta is cleaning today.


  1. Those bracelets are so colourful.. but child labour, eh?

  2. Sorry to hear that the Capt looked harried but so glad to learn the lowrider event was such a huge success.

  3. Your post sent me to Wikipedia for my first glimpse of lowrider history and culture. New world. Education via Mage once again1

  4. When I visited our son when he was living in Espanola, New Mexico they said it was the "Low Rider Capital" of the country. I thought they meant pants how the young guys wear them nowadays. What a surprise to learn they meant cars.

  5. Harried and hassled. Indeed. By my favorite board member.

  6. I had to look up lowriders, also. Thanks for enlarging my education.


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