March 28, 2013

We Live in Interesting Times

The Quieter Home Program…I wasn’t really ready for this no matter what I was thinking.

One of two bedroom art walls.

The time has arrived.  “The Quieter Home Program” will be arriving at our doors April 10th.  Yesterday they gave the Geezer a list of things that have to get done before they begin work installing new triple-paned windows, new doors, and HVAC. 

This program is a product of the San Diego Airport Authority that will make life more comfortable for those of us who live under the flight path.  We will live inside closed-in, noise-suppressed comfort while being warm in the winter and cool in the summers.   If an aircraft crashes on our heads, we cannot sue.  Did I say that?

We also get vastly upgraded homes at no cost to ourselves.

We aren’t telling them that we no longer mind the aircraft.  I have lived on or under them since 1966.  G since he moved here in the late 1970’s.  We live with doors and windows open, and we don’t use our heat since it is so expensive to operate.

The bad part of all this is the preparation.  All the art has to come off the walls.  Did I say that?  Did the guy tell G that with a straight face?  Did G mention I was short a hip and two hands?  It’s rhetorical. 

Today I will photograph all the walls so I know where to put things back after it’s over.  I have time, this next week, to go to Home Dumpo and get plastic sheeting and painters blue tape to cover the books and bookcases we are not removing.  To cover the art in it’s stacks too.  I need to go to U-haul and buy boxes also.  I’m moving from my closet to G’s closet.  Lists…you can see me making lists.

All my friends who had this done told me how easy it was.  They don’t have an armada of books and art that need to be moved.  It’s my fault.  G has toys that need to be boxed and stored.  There’s something in every corner that needs to be gone including us.  We have made reservations at a really cheap Ramada Inn by the bay for two nights.  The power will be off here as they are replacing the electrical panel, and the Great Geezer works at home.  Other days we will create a corner in the living room for both os us to work.

Ah, the reality of it all.  They will have it all done in two weeks, they tell us. 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Is taking it all in stride.
  • Herself:  Having an anxiety attack about the amount of work to be done in one week.
  • Reading:  Back to the Panama Canal.  The Box mystery was a bust.
  • Schedule:  Today-Thursday: Photograph house.  Home depot for tape and plastic.  Boxes.  Pack for convention.  Tonight: Ice Cream Social at convention – sleep at home.  Friday:  Spring Round Up = He drops me off and ushers till one.  I work at the store till one, and we both head to the convention and stay 2 nights.
  • Balance:  Staying in this exact second.


    1. This program sounds like something airports around the country should consider. Might cut down on the quarreling between airports & homeowners. I'm sorry, however, that it's coming at a bad time for you.

    2. Congrats on the upgrades! Moving and taping and rearranging your lives will soon be forgotten when all the new stuff is installed. Cannot wait to see it! I will bring the pizza!

    3. That's the problem with reading anything after you read seems simplistic. I finly finished Fear Itself. Now I'm getting back to the Julia Child book i started last fall.

      I do love that wall. I need more art in my life I think. Love the black and white stuff, and modern art too. Hannah got her tryptych hung in the middle bedroom. i don't understand it at all, but the colors are nice. Love yours. Dianne

    4. Good idea on taking photos of where all the treasures belong on the wall. I know the upheaval will be daunting but it will be worth it in the end even if it takes more than 2 weeks.

    5. Two weeks of turmoil is a really long time. You have my sympathy. Hope it all turns out for the best.

    6. Wow! That's fabulous! You're going to love the new windows and doors. I don't envy you having to take down the artwork though.

    7. Ah Mage, there is never a good time for these kinds of interruptions in our lives. Just think of how nice it will be, even with the windows open. And I have to remember the bit about photographing the walls.

    8. What a pain in the A...well you know what I mean. I feel for you as we just went through a similar ordeal in January when we had our home interior repainted. In the long run though, it's been well worth it. Hope it works out that well for you.

    9. I think the airport should pay for movers to get your house in shape...this is really an inconvenience. But you will have great fuel bills as a result.

    10. It is interesting that such a program exists. If the one photo is any indication... lots of stuff up on the walls! Probably lots of dust and dirt as well, but if the improvements save energy costs and keep the noise down more, it will be worth it.

    11. I am impressed that one hip and hand short you are working through such a huge job while also maintaining other commitments. Bravo!

    12. Ah now I understand. How exciting:)

    13. An absolute pain in the ass to have to do all that work packing and unpacking, but exciting nonetheless.

      Our friends live not too far from you under the flight paths, and they too don't seem to hear the noise anymore. Still really great that they're doing this for you.

    14. oh wow!!! that is all I can say. I'm glad you photographed this, too...for when you have to put it back together.

      Oh oh oh. Good luck!!! xoxo c!


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