April 7, 2013

An Experience

A bouquet of tulips from the convention.

I’ve always known that I’m violently allergic to dust…or dust mite poo as my allergist says, but this packing up experience has been a very allergic few days for me.  My nose didn’t run, but my stomach hated the dust.  Nausea is my least favorite thing.  Even as a bottom of the barrel drunk, I managed to only get nauseas only once.  

I got very ill while laying on the floor undoing the allen bolts on our desk yesterday.  That took me out for much of the rest of the day.  Today it was cleaning out the bottom shelves of the staircase by the garage door.  I finished quickly and washed all of me in the kitchen sink.

My friend Seedy’s made several very good suggestions today.
She wrote, “What you want to keep, put it in its place.  What you might want to get rid of, put in another box for future consideration. THEN a third box for donating or Lessaor both.  Not my idea, I watched a professional organizer give tips yesterday on some show I was watching. The packing is 'under pressure' with a time table, the unpacking 
can be leisurelyand thoughtful--mindfull... you might even ask yourself "How many more years do I want to dust this thing?" 

I can also ask myself, “Have I ever used this thing in the last five to ten years.  I have ever used these things since we inherited them?  Have I ever hung this art on any wall.  Lastly, would I want to pass these things to G’s family if something should happen to him?”

Today: we have computers now.  We are showering at the Y.  The garage is the last space to be finished.  He’s down there now sorting tools.  We will have the carpet cleaners in before we unpack.  Life is good as long as I shower often.

G setting up our home away from home.


  1. I guess I missed where your home away from home is? Are there antihistamines you can take for this time period?

  2. Sounds like you're getting settled. I'm currently being challenged by my own dust infestation -- it's no fun at all!!!

  3. That's a lot of work. I can't believe the amount of stuff you have. Towards the end of the year, do go through your things and determine what can go to Goodwill. That way you will have a nice tax deduction for the year and will have less stuff to dust. We do this on annual basis.

  4. Sorry the dustmite poop got you, I have the same problem. You need a hazmat suit. ;-)

  5. I wonder if it would help wearing a surgical mask?

  6. George looks hot in the photo. Be sure to check blood pressure of both of you. The good news is that this too shall pass and your house will be cleaner than ever. Dianne

  7. Even after our big move last year and having 2 garage sales, giving things to the neighbors and friends and GoodWill and Habitat, we still have too much stuff. Living in the RV in Florida for 5 months made me realize we don't need all this STUFF. I expect to be clearing out more clutter this summer. I, too, am so tired of dusting THINGS.....

  8. Oh gosh! I went through this too and it's NO fun at all. I love to learn how to organize better though.


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