April 17, 2013

Day 8: Bookcases

Two of the three  bookcases.

Day 8:  Books.  Will I reread this?  Will I use that?  Where did all these tchotchkes come from?

And dust.  Did I mention dust?

So I culled the cookbooks one more time…that’s the bookcase on the right.  I got one more box of cookbooks for the BIG cookbook sale in May.  Then I started in on the Science Fiction shelves scrubbing the shelves as I went.  The big house had saturated insulation in the attic.  Everything dripped, and everything had mold.  Most of our Sci-Fi was bought in the 1980’s when we lived at the big house.

I was ruthless.  If I just couldn’t part with a moldy or stained book, I bagged it.  Otherwise, I boxed it to go to the Saint Vincent de Paul stores…Father Joe.  Four boxes of Sci-Fi went to Father Joe.  One box of books was good enough to be sold.  Not even a full box.

Then I went upstairs.  When mother was young and broke, she built a two-piece bookcase.  The smaller of the two pieces has been filled with my collectible books and used as a headboard.  We want to use both bookcases in the newly redesigned office space.  The Geezer brought those collectible books downstairs yesterday, and they nicely filled the newly scrubbed and emptied shelves in the bigger Sci-Fi bookcase.

The bottom two rows in the big downstairs bookcase are art and architecture books.  No, I haven’t scrubbed those shelves yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  Today I sort books at the Discovery shop.  I know the universe is laughing at me.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Movie last night.  No NCIS.  Gym, work.

  • Herself:  My arthritis is acting up.  Lite gym yesterday, no gym today.  Work, with someone else carrying the boxes.

  • Reading:  D. E. Stevenson:  Not a really good one.

  • Stuff:  DSL and phone lines fixed.  No inspector yet.

  • Quieter Home Program:  Airport authority is installing new triple pained windows, new doors, and HVAC for those of us who live under the flight path.  We will have deliciously quiet lives but cannot sue if they crash into us.  Free.

  • Balance:  Getting out of here for a few hours.


    1. Parting with books is the hardest thing for me but next to you I am an amateur! Take care of yourself.

    2. It's good you don't mind sorting books. I hate that. I can't imagine volunteering to do it and then coming home to more of it. The world definitely needs people like you to keep reading matter in circulation. Sort on.

    3. I need to take lessons from you!

    4. My dad had a book plate his Mom gave him that read, "A friend of books is never without a friend." Hard to part with old books, er friends.

      I've recycled many but ordered two used books yesterday, slap, spap.


    5. I save a few non-fiction, but my collection that is growing the most is poetry. I have a small collection of art books.

    6. I hate to part with books especially if I haven't read them yet.....I always believe there is a blizzard just waiting out there for me to be snowed in without any reading material!

    7. Wow!!! Your mother was very talented. Those are beautiful bookcases. Art would have gone nuts over your science fiction books even though he's got a ton waiting for him in his Fire. :-)

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    9. I envy your book shelves. There are piles of books everywhere here and not enough shelves.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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