May 26, 2013

A Memorial Day

I visited my friend Dale the day before the flags went up.

For me, Memorial Day isn’t just for those of us who died in the line of duty, it’s a day for all veterans.  A second day.  One veteran made a huge difference in my life when I was on the bottom, Dale Thomas Craig.  He held my hand when I was so fragmented I didn’t know who I was.  He gave me art supplies, he supported my goals, and he even bought my very bad art at a time when I needed money. 

Without Dale, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

There are many other veterans who were a part of my life.  The Geezer, his father, my father, my Cuz T, my Ex.  My special friends like Dale, Tom, and Don.  Most American families are like this with all the more recent wars represented.  I hope there’s someone out there who remembers what they did.

The WWII vets are vanishing at a rapid rate with, the experts say, all of them dead by 2036.  In our family, G’s father, my father, and my Cuz T’s father are all gone now.  Korean era vets are dying now too.  Look at Paul yesterday.  American military men and women who fought in Vietnam have white hair or no hair.  They were fighting in Vietnam when I was in the Army though they said they weren’t.  They were fighting there when the Geezer was in the Army.

No matter what we did or who we are now, our participation changed things just a little and changed us a lot.

We stopped in to visit John and Ruby too.

  • Keeping those on the Midwest and east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Games, shopping, going out into the world somewhere.

  • Herself:  Writing, still thinking about Paul, still very proud of Lessa.  Following G too.

  • Reading:  Finished a Castle mystery.  Not as angry as the Robb ones, but it had the same feel.

  • Balance:  Acceptance.


    1. Such a good post. A lot to think about. Thanks.

    2. This is the kind of Memorial Day post I kind of expect to read from people but most seem to be filled with barbeques and celebrations. That's never made much sense to me. My own take that it's a time of remembering, acknowledging and keeping memories alive with gratitude. It seems to me you did that perfectly here. Hugs to you dear one. Thank you for sharing Dale's memory.

    3. Good post. I remember how my dad noticed the sudden reduction in the number of Spanish-American War veterans; that's about where the Korean veterans are now.

    4. So profound; so thankful...

      My dad is gone, too. He flew the hump in China/Burma.

    5. Good post, thank you. I have lost some friends who were in Vietnam and just couldn't live long or well afterwards. Sure it always been that way, every war.

    6. Thank you for your service. It was once said those who wait also serve, I did a lot of that for 22 years.

      Worried about my oldest granddaughter who is in a toxic relationship. She told us she feels like a "loser." I love hearing yours and Lessa's stories of how you are never a loser. Never. Happy Memorial Day to you and G. Rolling Thunder here tomorrow all 400,000 of them. Wow!! Dianne

    7. What a lovely reminder of those who served our country. I have an uncle who was in WWII...the only one left now.

    8. I'd look forward to the day when there are no veterans--not for the obvious reason--because there are no more wars to fight, but that day will never come in my lifetime. My father would be nearly 100 now; he was from WWII.

    9. It is always good to remember someone like Dale.

    10. Did I read correctly-that you were in the army?

      I'm glad you had a Dale in your life.

      Blessings to all who have served and honor to all those who've passed on.


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