May 20, 2013

Baseball is veddy veddy good to me!

Left, Mikey of Hodad’s; right, Hodad’s OB.

Sunday was a wonderful day in the sunshine.  Yes, we had plans to wax Grumpy…who was looking his age.  After looking at the schedule, I’m so proud of myself for remembering to do that, the Geezer and Gimpy got Grumpy washed, waxed, and were on the road to baseball at light speed.

The band march’s in to a field lined with Marines.

Baseball also now means a Hodad’s hamburger.  We love Hodad’s.  What’s a Hodad?  It’s a person who doesn’t surf but pretends to surf.  His mom and dad ran Hodad’s when I first moved to the beach, and after their death, their son and a friend inherited it.  The success of this burger dive was cemented by a “best burger in the US” from “Diners, Drive in’s, and Dives.”  Mikey was able to buy it all back, and now there are several in spots around town.

Hundley hitting a long ball.

We had our thousand calorie hamburger, and happily settled into G’s bosses seats I with my silicone cushion.  In the shade.  It was military appreciation day.  We wore our ARMY shirts.  The crowd was slow to arrive  One Marine Company was marched in and placed up in the sun in the nosebleed section to roast.  The MTC depot band played.  Veterans and active duty folks stood and were applauded, then some of the best baseball I’d ever seen began.

The Great Geezer with Toothpick.

G loves baseball.  I go because I love G.  Yesterday I loved baseball.  There were bunts, stolen bases, and good short ball baseball with a few homers thrown in plus we won.  We cheered with the best of them, ate chocolate frozen yogurt, ate really fresh Cracker Jack, and had a ball. 

As we left, I spotted the head of the Padre’s food concession and stopped to praise Hodad’s.  Kapow.

There are golden days like this to remember.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • Himself:  Gym, work, meeting, and a couple of meals.  It’s a four day week.

  • Herself:  Pool, work on two poems and an essay.  Get earrings fixed, and photograph Hodad’s as it is now with the long lines.

  • Reading:  Nothing.  Rooney’s book was excellent but opinionated.  I will keep it.

  • Balance:  Writing and eating right.


    1. Ha Ha. Rooney opinionated, you must be kidding.

      Burgers and baseball. My cousin loves the Cubs. Now I am torn. We have our own team here, The Nationals. Perhaps I will rekindle and old love?

      Just need to stay out of the sun.

      Surgery on my arm tomorrow to remove skin cancer. Dianne

    2. I took a photo of Hodad's last week when we went to South Beach Saloon for fish tacos.

      Love baseball, too, and that skit from SNL!

    3. I am not a huge baseball fan, but my only pro game ever was one I went to when in Atlanta on a business trip. It made me think the baseball "magic" must reside in "being there." It was a heady experience shared with my husband, our boys and a business acquaintance.

      Sounds like the magic was definitely working for you!

    4. Mia and I would like to go to a game with you sometime.

    5. Glad you had such a great time and you had burgers too!

    6. I think I could appreciate baseball - as long as I had all the goodies to eat.
      Well maybe not quite goodies.


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