May 9, 2013

Life by Pile

We are a little testy these last few days.  I do something, he makes a remark, and I react.  Perhaps when all these piles scattered about our home are gone, we will be a little less cranky.  I hope so.

Our every two week housekeeping person is coming today, and I need to suggest she do the dusting slightly differently.  Tactfully.  She’s short and doesn’t think up.  When we took the art off the walls, the tops of the pieces were really dirty.  She doesn’t speak good English either.  I can’t make a joke at my expense such as “I am tall and don’t see downwards” as she won’t understand it. 

So while she dusts, I will tackle the last of the piles.  The family pictures.  If G wants them up, fine.  If he doesn’t, down they go into storage.  One small box of Christmas ornaments…down.  The top of my dresser….boy it’s bad.  Those sorts of piles.  Perhaps Mohave’s graduation present is ready.  That would be good.  Lessa’s is ready.  That too is good.  Those two things are only piles in the corner of my mind but they are still a pile to deal with. 

Maybe my whole life can be seen as a series of piles cluttering the corner of my mind.  Maybe I could turn that into a poem.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.
  • Himself:  Working a Queue that he doesn’t really like.
  • Herself:  Getting back into the WW mode of eating.
  • Reading:  I skimmed magazines last night.
  • Balance:  Standing up for myself is ok.


    1. When we were moving some art from the wall, I noticed the dust on the tops of the frames, also. Ugh. Dusting never ends, does it? Lol.

    2. When you mentioned 'piles,' I thought of hemmorhoids. Piles is what they call them down South. Not so funny, I suppose. Dianne

    3. I am short and don't think 'up'. It dawned on me one day as I stood on a chair to clean the top of our tall fridge that certain of our friends, those 6' and above could readily observe the dirt that I rarely thought of. I was mortified.

    4. Yes, I have barnacles burned off every year too. So strange that so few folks have issues with moles, etc. They run in my family. We must be distant relatives.

      Wednesday, the doc is cutting one out. Will use Lidocaine to numb so not too serious I suppose. Still it is cancer and I don't mess around with it. Dianne

      PS I am tall and miss the stuff higher up unless I am on a ladder. I suppose its all relative. D~

    5. I think you already have! Now get up from there and write it down someplace handy. :-)


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