June 11, 2013

A Day In The Life

Grumpy’s at the local independent shop.

With Grumpy’s stopping power in the dubious range, I went to the gym at dawn with G.  I managed to get a lane to walk in all by myself.  Inside, where I could see him, G marched on the treadmill.  This is all very good stuff.

I came home to read blogs and work to expand the essay about the Cuisinart.  Of course, I nodded off over the essay….but it got done.  I did some house stuff while he went to work and started the laundry.  Lunch downstairs over a DE Stevenson, then I drove down the hill to see if our local mechanic could fix Grumpy’s brakes and look at the trannie (which hasn’t shifted right since the fancy mechanic at the dealer replaced everything in the clutch.)  He’d take it right away.  Nothing faded on the drive down, and Les said it was the master cylinder.

I dozed again over my book.  This is not good.  An easy dinner and more book with the TV on while G was gone.  I have upcoming appointments with my GP and will discuss this dozing off phenomenon.  I’m getting little done if I am asleep.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Yesterday work and a meeting; today is work and a movie.  Captain Poolie and Mia recommended “Dexter,” so we got the first season.  G and a friend are going to a ball game later in the month with almost front row seats.
  • Herself:  My turn to pick the movie of the week.  We will try a couple of episodes of Dexter.  I also bought two years of “West Wing” from Amazon.
  • Reading:  ”Shoulder the Sky,” a fifties romance set in the far reaches of snowy Scotland.  Last in a trilogy.  DE Stevenson.
  • Friends:  From first time in college: Dee is home from many years of teaching in Europe, and Orinda will be in town to visit family.  Dee made reservations to come down, I made plans, but Orinda went from specifics to waffling.  Dee cancelled.  I scratched the visits out of my book and guess I will see them if I see them.  Ah, many phone calls and much drama.  Bee had a great time at the Santa Barbara concerts this weekend, but Mikey behaved very poorly.  He’s not doing well.

  • Balance:  Today school and no swimming.


    1. You will love Dexter once you get past the shock in the first few episodes. We are on the list for the next release of Dexter through Netflix...love that show.

      Sorry your plans got changed...I hate when that happens too.

    2. So glad you weren't hurt when Grumpy decided to act up. Enjoy Dexter!

    3. You amaze me with all your doings. I don't see how you have the time.

      DIL annoyed because I didn't fly out to celebrate the 50th birthdays.

      I suggested I come out next fall in October. Cool reception to that idea.

      Gosh, I might be retired but still want to chose when I fly that far. Perhaps I will fly to England instead?

      People are so strange, now they want you, now they don't. The old come here, go away dance?

      Be careful what you write in a comment on my blog. DIL reads it sometimes.


      PS Power book is mediocre. Worked my way through Bosnia and Rawanda the past few days. She is very biased and ignores history.

      Also unrealistic about the US.

    4. People coming and then canceling is like being in a small car accident. It takes a bit to get back to normal rolling along. I like things to keep moving in one direction and am not too happy a camper when people cancel...oh well. Can your sleepiness be attributed to a medication? If not, perhaps a thyroid or vitamin issue? I hope they figure it out because as you wrote...hard to get things done with your eyes closed.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. I have power naps all the time. It would only worry me if I were not sitting down at the time.


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