June 27, 2013

A Friend with a View

Cabrillo Lighthouse with the assistant keepers cottage on the left.

Time does fly.  Lynn, an artist and dancer friend from my first time in college, came by for lunch one day last week.  It was a quiet cool day, and we talked our way through lunch by the bay, and a trip to the top of the point.

I was born here, but she wasn’t.  She arrived at age 16, and she must have missed the mandatory grade school trips to the bay and the point.  I grabbed the moment and up we went through the big houses, the military bases, and up to the top of our best view of the city.  I love showing off this lovely city.

WPA built wall and bathrooms.

We missed her special friend Dee who couldn’t coordinate time or budget with Lynn’s family visits.  Lynn is considering moving home again from Salt Lake City.  She’s been struggling with a particularly invasive bout of skin cancer on her forehead, but she has only family here. 

Past the entrance to the bay is the Navy base then beyond it, the city.

She did come upstairs and see the latest photos of family and her friends….thank you Lynn.  She was appalled at how ill my Ex looks…how near death.  I became aware how far apart in ages I am to many of my friends from those years.  Most have moved away, and many find it hard to communicate. 

One cannot go back, but we can all grab a few moments in the now. 

Lynn chatting before heading south.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Yesterday we had dinner with the Captain and she shared her latest brutal adventures with her board.  Great dinner at O’Bistro’s.  Home to “West Wing”, to grab a moment or two to ourselves.  Today he will be up at company headquarters training a coworker in the intricacies of subrogation.
  • Herself:  Swim, priced and shuffled books yesterday.  Swim, write and draw today.
  • Reading:  Imagine….my hands are empty but my book-rack is full.
  • Balance:  Keeping life simple today.


    1. In California there is always style, even when fighting cancer. She is quite lovely, as is your city.

    2. How nice of you to show your friend the sights. Good to know you are enjoying life.

    3. Oh I wish your lovely friend well. Beautiful spot you've shared. Thank you.

    4. I agree with Tabor. Lynn looks great.
      Girl time is so important -especially now.
      Just off to see a dear old friend who left us to live near her daughters.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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