June 20, 2013

Delete, Delete, Move....

Black rope on Lynx, 2008.

There were actual articles in our truncated newspaper this morning worth reading, so I got to the computer late.  Instead of writing, I played with my online photo albums again.  I didn’t need all the photos in the “Festival Of Sail” album so combined them with “Beach Bay and Ships.” 

Yes, I still have all the images backed up two places. 

After working out, I combined “Marion B” with “Marion B’s House.”

I do want to keep all my photos.  Yes, there’s ten thousand images over the years that are awful, but there’s one or two worth keeping.  I have them all filed in a back up HD, and on disc.  I may never look at them again, but I don’t have to have them all online clogging up my photo host.

Marion in one of her new barrel chairs.  2008.

I did a photo album for Marion of her house.  I took volumes of images and they filled an online and real album that she much enjoyed.  I loved doing it for her.  She died, her family has the album, and I now don’t have to keep all the pictures.

Marion’s house at night.  2008.

I also had several albums on Vernal Utah.  The Geezer’s Brother lives there, and we have visited and weddinged there several times.  I felt we didn’t need 100 out of focus shots of wedding guests we didn’t know or rivers flooding their banks.  I do want to keep the cabins and family handy.  Who knows when one will need family.

This is the only area of the US when I still see cabins by the roadside. 2008.


Historic cabin not being maintained by the BLM.

It’s fun seeing all these old images again.  Oh, how I loved Marion B.  I equally love the depth of the land in Utah.  What I need to do, rather than enjoy the past is rewrite that dreadfully pedantic piece on lard.  There was so little fat to it that I fell asleep over it.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Mr. Subrow is really enjoying it.  More coming in daily. 

  • Herself:  Really appreciating Joan at work Wednesdays when she prices all the books.  I was able to get a lot out in the store yesterday.  Worked on the lard piece…boring, took nap and dinner out.  We are really enjoying “the West Wing.”  First season be us.
  • Reading:  I’ve now opened another Cadell, but there is little time to read.  Brought home two books on the history of photography.

  • Balance:  Got three Photohost categories cleaned out and deleted.  Makes me feel like I got something done.


    1. It's not deleting the pictures that bothers me; it's moving them. (Especially now, when I have a hinky program that won't let me drag 'n' drop.)

      If I used them somewhere, they show up as unavailable. Then I have to figure out where the heck I put them, so I can change the code...

      I take some comfort that even an old woman can learn to do it, though.

    2. i am getting better about deleting most of my stuff. I cannot keep everything. That last photo really caught me up. I was there! I took a bunch of photos including one of hubby against an ENORMOUS tree. But I don't think I got a good on of that fence jag.

    3. I always enjoy your photos....thank you.
      And The West Wing...what a great series that was... you have a lot of good hours of viewing to come. I so wanted Josiah Bartlet to REALLY be our President.

    4. Beautiful photos. I wouldn't be able to bear to part with shots like those. Marion's barrel chair looks exactly like one I still have (re-covered 2X) from the 1970s. It fits my butt so well, and after all these years I still love it. You were a good friend to do that photo- sharing with her. If you were a cat here under my chair, I'd give you a loving pat on the head. Good girl.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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