June 17, 2013


We have cookbooks.

I brought home three cookbooks this last week just to check them out.  They are all ruined with wear or mold, but I thought they might prove to be entertaining reads.  The three smaller cookbooks use lard as their every day fat often.  One 1909 cookbook has a whole chapter on Grandma’s Puddings where lard is used generously. 

I closed the books. 

Later today I will get into a Gourmet hard bound by Samuel Chamberlain and his wife.  Skimming Google to find out more about him, I was lead astray by a link to Food Timeline by Decades.  Only later in the morning was I able to get unstuck from decades of foodie stuff to learn more about this friend and teacher of my mothers and his work his work.

Friends like this one can span generations.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  He was just “too” happy when he got to the gym.  The ladies at the counter were a bit glum in dealing with him.  Subrogations, laundry, meeting.  “Best of all the sun is shining and there’s blue sky.”

  • Herself:  Pool, hot tub closed…boo hoo, ankle stuck today, breakfast, talk with Bee, groceries, lunch, do a load of cookbooks at the store just to get more out, fresh veggies on pasta for dinner.

  • Reading:  An older Elizabeth Cadell. 

  • Balance:  Errands will get me going.


    1. It might amuse you to know I got out a magnifying glass to try and read the cookbook titles after I saw those 50 cents signs! (ha ha, it didn't work.) Then I got a little sidelined too by that food of the times link. Browsing some of the menus I'm flabbergasted at the size of the meals and number of items provided and people ate! And obesity didn't seem to be the problem it is today!

    2. All the old cookbooks look as if they're designed to make people fat.

      You have to remember that (1) obesity was considered a sign that the individual was well to do and (2) most people who worked had heavy jobs and needed all those extra calories.

      Some were healthier than we are now, but a lot of them died young and no one knew why.

    3. I was using my very favorite Betty Crocker cookbook that I bought when I was getting married ~ 48 years ago...It's so marked and stained on certain pages that they fall open without much prodding.

    4. There really CAN be too much lard.

    5. I am about ready to return to the pool. Got to do something before I lock up completely.

      Speaking of lard reminded me that when I was a kid, we saved bacon grease in a jar on the stove. Mom used it for cooking. Gosh, that can't have been too healthy. Dianne


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