July 15, 2013

Among the Appointments

It was wonderful to see them.  Yes, they read my blog: Beth, Aaron, Gil, and Tracy.

We had a wonderful breakfast with part of one grandchild family.  Beth, Aaron, and their mom and dad, Gil and Tracy, joined us in the chaos that is Perry’s Breakfast Café.  No, I couldn’t hear all that everyone said.  Mostly I was just flat out pleased to see them.
Yes too, I was appalled by further news of Tracy and her sister’s cancers progression.  I could hear that. 

Just today I can write in here, go to a Pre-op with my surgeon, go take photos of the next sale merchandise at the Discovery Shop, talk with Bee, and go for the second blood draw.  The Great Geezer is fitting his work in among the appointments. 

Our week looks like a scattering of appointments of all kind.  Tomorrow the Geezer gets his stitches out, Wednesday it’s my last day working at the Cancer Society Thrift store, and in the evening we get to pick up our badges for Comic Con.  Comic Con and Surgery follow. 

Life follows.

Beth and Aaron engaged.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Working subro this morning.  Last week he filled in for vacationing folks and wasn’t the happiest of campers.  He’s being kind today and taking me around to my various appointments.

  • Herself:  Taking things a day at a time.  Keeping Tracy in my prayers.  Did I say to you that I hated cancer.

  • Reading:  Just finished the second Stabenow.  Well written stuff….a discarded paperback from the Milwaukee Public Library.  I paid a buck for it and will keep it.

  • Balance:  Surviving in the moment.
  • Misc:  The City County Administration Building, the vaguely pinkish WPA structure to the left in my header, is celebrating it's 75th birthday today.


    1. So I am guessing you are ready for this surgery as you just put one foot in front of the other. Comic Con will be a nice break.

    2. I am so glad you got tickets! That is just amazing for you!

    3. As always, the amount of living you do on a daily basis astounds me! Hope everything goes well for you today....

    4. Love Dana Stabenow's books.
      Fell in love with her characters. I couldn't keep with you ;-)

    5. I hate cancer too, and thinking about your efforts with the Cancer Society Thrift Shop, I agreed to help the lymphoma folks this September distribute material to neighbors. Will check out Stabenow. Good luck and thinking about you tomorrow. Dianne

    6. Comic con will be great. You can think about it all during your recovery. Just got a new Stabenow from the library.

    7. Keeping you and your medical team in my prayers. Adding Tracy and her sister, too.

    8. Dearest Mage whatever you are about to go through my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
      I know you are very strong where it counts.xoxox


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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