July 21, 2013

Comic Con: Friday and Saturday Days 2 and 3

On arrival: Housekeeper in chiffon and starch with Workman in antique work belt.

The refrigerator is growing things, the house is a mess, and the two of us are ignoring everything.  We are off early to the trolley in the Valley that takes us directly to the Con.  Yes, there are long lines everywhere.  Yes, even longer lines for those of us who wish to get into Hall H, the biggest venue at Comic Con.

Not knowing that crowds arrive at midnight or earlier to get into Hall H for the following day, we braved the handicapped line Friday mid-afternoon for the “Trailer Park” showing.  We like movie trailers, we were amazed that we arrived early enough to get good parking for Harrison Ford, and later for a movie by the guy who made “Brazil.”  It was wierdly beautiful.  Then all the wonderful trailers.

We had better luck with the panels this day too.  And a delightful aluminum, multicolored bracelet to remember the day.  G discovered Rick Geary’s cut out postcards with great delight.  Even went back and bought more.

A nice treat was dinner at “Donovan’s” just a block from the Convention.  Steak, salad, garlic smashed potatoes, and a gathering of tiny veggies. 

I admit we were a little slowed down this day, but it was costume day.  We had been waiting a year for this.  Yes, I remembered to get several pictures just for you all.  We were not only pleased to be invited to the Steampunk Meetup on the Mezzanine deck, we were awarded a Hall Costume Award from the Costume Designers Guild.  This is probably some sort of a scam, but it was a treat to be noticed among the masses of great costumes.

Lunch was a peanut butter sandwich from home, and dinner a surprisingly good salad of pears and gorgonzola amid the chaos. 

Lines were very long this day, and only one panel on Arthur Rackham caught my eye.  We took huge volumes of photographs….all of which you will have to suffer with this coming year.  We had a ball.  Yes, I bought a modernist cat pillow for an exorbitant sum.

Home a little early on the trolley to a small dose of West Wing, Season Four and bed early.  

Steampunk Meetup 2013.


  1. This whole thing is so different from anything I have ever done or would ever expect to do. Clearly the knowledge you both have on this subject makes it so much more enjoyable. And I would not have a clue about buying anything. What makes you think the award was a scam? I think your costumes are terrific...they also fit your personalities a little.

  2. Ok. This is it, the reason I keep coming back for my morning dose of Mage. I don't know anyone, any. One. Like you. You are my best friend in living life. I mean living life, not spending time. I am thrilled with your adventures, your style, your priorities and your photos. You get up and go for it. And I love that I get to talk to my sit down and stew peers about my exotic friend in San Diego. Maybe today I will do something outrageously fun. Thank you.

  3. Such fun! I am so glad! And you deserved that award, my friend. Rest up. More good things coming your way!

  4. This is so wonderfully over the top! It has to be one of the most creative and determined ways to have fun and expand horizons that I have ever seen.

    Thanks for the titillating preview of coming attractions via your posts. After I catch up here on your posts, I must expand my sadly wanting education of Comic Con and steam punk through google.

    Best wishes.

  5. Love your costumes and loved seeing you in the second photo...I could pick you out of the crowd. Congratulations on the award!

  6. Oh Mage! This is priceless!!! You both look totally, incredibly, fabulously wonderful! I LOVE it!

  7. Love seeing Comic Con through your lens and writing. You two are great.

  8. Goodnes, you both looked great. Don't know which I like best but the boots are natural. Must be your military ways coming out. Dianne


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