July 13, 2013


Tulips from the Spring Round up.  2013.

We move through our days with a certain determination to get back home to watch “West Wing.”  Every night, except when we are scheduled for something that runs late, we eat dinner and start a CD from season 3. 

Oh, the rest of the world intrudes politely.  Our mayor, who I must admit I voted for, is scrabbling to apologize for his sexist actions.  I was just as pissed at him about his unilateral judgments on several other issues, but this one is the last straw.  59% of the city wants him out.  That percentage will grow.  His fiancé quit, and his Chief of Staff resigned Friday.  His fellow party members are not so politely asking him to resign.  Yup, even the WashingtonPost is reporting our debacle front page.

We watch all the news big and small then pop a disc in.  The “West Wing” characters have become as familiar to us as close friends.  We cheer for the President, and this season follow the Congressional hearings that so clearly echo the McCarthy hearings.  I feel sorry for the young leader of the opposition and understand his feelings for Donna Moss, Josh’s assistant.

I deeply regret the death of John Spencer at 58, the fictional President Bartlett’s Chief of Staff Leo McGarry.  He really was an alcoholic and addict.  His disease was written into the show from the beginning, and it gave many of us hope that we too could continue on achieving much after getting sober.  Every time a new episode begins, I too an addict/alcoholic, mourn his loss.

On weekends we have been watching three episodes a night….silly us.  I note that we aren’t the only ones charmed by these scenarios, sucked in by the brilliant writing, and ending up by loving these fictional characters.  Now the clean and sober creator of “West Wing,” Aaron Sorkin, has begun to write a new series from a more conservative view point.  We don’t have access to this series on HBO, but we can wait.  It will be out on DVD eventually.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  An easy day yesterday then off to Friday night by the bay.  Estate sales and work today.  More WW.
  • Herself:  Friday was swim, work…few donations.  This morning:  follow G around.  Read.  BLT supper, and WW.
  • Reading:  A 2011 Reich.
  • Balance:  Time to collect my books for the rehab and read in the muggyness.


    1. Season 3, well you have lots more to keep you entertained during your recuperation. From what I have been reading, going back, a new hip? I will keep you in my prayers.

    2. I miss John Spencer too. I'm behind you now though with my West Wing viewing. Catch up a little tonight. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you get into your surgery. May you have a speedy, gentle recovery.

    3. I loved West Wing so long ago when it was on TV and watched 90% of the episodes. I watched the Newsroom on my laptop the other night...not sure why I got it for free since I no longer subscribe to HBO, but maybe it was a teaser?

    4. Is it a sign of fiscal maturity to comprehend and apply the the concept behind "waiting for the DVD" of a much anticipated show instead of incurring a new monthly charge for HBO?

      I think so. And it is admirable and not that common in today's "I want it and I gotta have it now world."

    5. I, too, loved the character Leo McGarry. In fact, I love each and every character on West Wing and would gladly vote for Jeb Barlett for president even now!

      The writing was powerful and superb and I believe I've seen each episode at least twice.

      And, yes, Mage, we are indeed quite a pair. I'm being rebuilt piece-by-piece. And we will dance someday -- and maybe enjoy fish tacos at the South Beach Saloon! K

    6. Nothing the matter with a Conservative pov. I am becoming more conservative with each passing year. On the other hand, I had not seen the article in the Post on your guy.

      The Post is too busy reporting on the gifts the VA governor's wife received from some millionaire. The governor has broken no state rules, but he is a Conservative and 3/4 of the voters like him or did before the Post began its witch hunt.

      Meanwhile NY politics have gone mad with Spitzer and Weiner back in politics. Gosh, talk about calling the kettle black.

      I watched ALL the episodes of Sex and the City when I had a stroke, and can't remember anything except Carrie's name and that she liked shoes. Ditto House, who wearied me after a while. Have fun.

      PS Up a pound this week....duh!!

    7. I'm so glad you both are enjoying West Wing so much. It's great when you can get engrossed in a series that has many years of running. We have done the same with a few from HBO....

    8. We often watch 3 episodes of a catch-up dvd of old shows at one evening sitting. What else is there to watch, other than re-hashes of the same old news day in and day out!? Now we're into Newsroom and it's hard to wait for the next installment.


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