August 19, 2013

Flapping in the Wind *EDIT*

The flood of 1983, out in front of the beach cottage leaning on Timothy’s old Volvo.  The bad leg is the one on the left.

All those wonderful visitors yesterday.  All at once.  And all I could do was direct traffic and laugh. 

The Physical Therapist showed up late just after Margot and Zoe arrived to pick up the new school things.  Grampa Geezer was of great help by removing Zoe downstairs to the Candy Land game.  Bill and his other half arrived bearing hugs and oatmeal cookies becoming number six in the bedroom.  Yes, I had a cookie.    

Yes, they said I looked thinner and really great.  That was good for my morale.  Laughing was good too.

Shooing everyone out, I concentrated on my exercises.  There’s only one I am in deep trouble over…lifting my prone leg off the bed.  Up and down….nope.  Sideways, yes.  So now you know what I am doing this week.  Flapping my leg in the wind.  The goal is to do this unassisted.  The other leg acts like a propeller, so there’s no reason the bad leg can’t learn this stuff too.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Zoe’s Hero.  Mine too.  He's also started a new blog on Blogger:  Please stop in to say hi.  

  • Herself:  Didn’t get much walking in.  Dealing with a really slow computer yesterday and this morning.  Maybe it is my Monday Morning Server on Sunday too.

  • Reading:  Finishing another Hillerman.

  • Friends:  Talking every day with Bobbie.  Good listens.  Milaka back from Washington where she reports that Don was on the phone with his wife, headed out his front door, then just collapsed.  They could not revive him.  She says that she was warmly welcomed as the representative of his friends down here.  I’m so glad she went.  Tim off to legally smoke dope with Paul today.
  • "EDIT:"  Slow computer speeds here were due to a gaming program that was eating up all the bandwidth.  We got a free teckie out, and we are now running at DSL speeds once more instead of the original dial up speeds.  YEA!!!!!


    1. Ahh you'll get there. Little by little. Keep on flapping. ;)

    2. What a great set of gams you have!!!

      Thank you for your kind note. I'm glad you're not going 'off blog'.

      At rehab they gave me a real nifty tool: a leg lifter. It has a triangle on one end and a strap on the other. This is how I initially moved my leg in and out of bed. As your PT.

      I'm having 'issues' similar to yours, but with my stomach. I'll be publishing a book soon called "Getting Fit Through Nausea and Diarrhea". It's the meds.

      And yes, company and laughter do help so much in altering our perspectives!!

      Keep healing.

    3. Keep working, Mage. I know you can do it. The exercise can be painful, but it will so be worth it. Ahhh... So you had a Beetle too, hunh? Ours was white. And you're smiling in that photo. Wow!

    4. Hooray for speed. I use my leg to help me get out of bed. It is heavy and raises the rest of my body. Have a little stool next to my bed to help me lower and raise myself. Dianne

    5. I had trouble making an entry on OD today. Is it dieing?? :? I have a blog on Blogspot... will have to think about moving over myself. Have many of our favs moved?


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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