August 7, 2013

Laughing Along

The Great Geezer got off work in Carlsbad early.  He stopped in here and immediately was dragooned into all sorts of going home things.  How to get me into and out of a car, for instance.  How to walk me here…he could do that.  Measuring for a walker at home so I can be free at home too.   We are both so pleased.

Lenore called.  I was delighted.  Lessa called too.  Poolie stopped in to share all her excitements.  What a nice visit.  She reports I look good.  Dinner was a chicken sandwich, perhaps some of the dried leftover chicken, with mashed potatoes;  It’s become a joke.  I didn’t sleep well, darn it.  I tell you, I sure will miss having a power bed though.

This morning, more stair climbing, rolling in bed, stretchings….talking it all through as I do it all…after I say no.  LOL  Lots of skunks last night.  They really are cute until they raise their tails.  Lots of birds this morning.  Now I am treating myself like a toddler after a double treat of OT and PT before coffee.


  1. So glad you are making such good progress. I know you can't wait to be back home again and have some decent meals and be able to relax.

  2. Glad to know things are getting better and people are there to support you. The walker should be helpful.

    We used to have skunk alerts in the summer back in Illinois. Every time somebody would wake up to a smell we'd wake everybody up yelling, "SKUNK! SKUNK! Close the windows." It makes me laugh now, but it wasn't so much fun back then.

  3. Lenore called? How wonderful to hear from her and Lessa too. Dried chicken sandwiches? Oh joy, I can hardly wait to get into rehab after hip surgery. Not!!

    Walking at home a must. Car ride will be a real treat. You are so good to be doing PT exercises faithfully. After watching David do them, I know they are painful but necessary. I only wish we could have done this hip thing together. Hope you are home when you read this comment.

    Love to you, Dianne

  4. It was so good to see you! Home soon, sweetie!

  5. Screw your courage to the sticking place, because now you are entering the hard part...I know, you thought the hospital was the hard part. You are now in charge and must keep pushing ever so steadily without going too fast or too far in any one day. The fact that you talk to yourself sounds like a good therapy addition to me!!

  6. Keep on walking. Those power beds are great but that was the only thing I missed. You certainly have stairs at home to keep up the good work. Be careful, slow and steady and all that rot. Hugs.


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