August 13, 2013

March! March! March!

Really fresh produce.

I wrote in my blog then I dozed off after breakfast.  After lunch, he let me nap 2 whole hours.  Then after dinner, right in the middle of Antiques Roadshow, I fell asleep.  He said I wasn’t snoring.  Enough.

Though I made it through my exercises, I didn’t get downstairs.  Enough. 

I took some dramatic action and called the doc.  Here I am coughing less because of the blue mucus stuff which I had forgotten existed, using Tylenol ES…as I can’t have the other kinds, have a course of antibiotics, and awoke feeling mucho better already.

Bee called with a smile.  Her niece went to Comic Con.  “I thought these two people were really cool,” she told Bee.  Bee laughed out loud.  There were G and I enjoying a Mrs. Fields cookie at Comic Con.   

The new walker arrived.  I’ll be able to get outside on the sidewalk and march, march, march.  If I get pooped, I can sit on the seat, then get to marching again.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Worked hard at work and babysitting me.  Went to his regular Monday Night meeting.  Went to sleep over the second half of Antiques Roadshow.

  • Herself:  Exercise, read, exercise, nap.  What’s with the chicken?  The second week at the Nursing Home, the kitchen served dried chicken, gravy, and mashed potatoes twice a day.  TWICE.

  • Reading:  The last of the Cadell’s.  Moving on to a mystery or three.  I’m rereading mindless comfort books.

  • Maybe Misc:  Our laughingstock mayor is still with us, but Kidnapped Hannah is home with her family.  We are all very grateful.

  • Balance:  Physical comfort.

    1. You are amazing! (And G is pretty wonderful too.)

      Keep up the good example. And remember, those kitchens don't know how to cook.

    2. I'm really glad you called the doc, good for you. No downhill racing on the walker ;-) Keep up the good work.

    3. Been away with other matters for days. So glad you are back home and doing well. I'm sorry about your loss ~ I remember seeing photos of your friends before.

    4. A comforting mate, mindless comfort books and physical comfort--all excellent promoters of healing.

      Plus your obvious determination!

    5. I'm learning a lot from your posts. I have appointments for back and hip in September. Got to strenghthen my back before I take the plunge. But I am planning on a visit to CA in October of next year, if my son permits (they say they want to come to the East Coast and we are having a tug-of-war) Dianne

    6. Comment #2. Have you checked out the JK Rawling 'The Cookoo's Calling?'

      Naps are good.

    7. Just caught up with your recovery! So glad you are home and sound as well as can be! The healing takes time, but will happen quickly. I am sorry an=bout Mikey :(

    8. I do love a nap too. Having two hours of it must have been very healing. I'm so glad you called the doctor and are feeling a little better. Thank goodness.

    9. Sleep, exercise, sleep exercise...sounds like the perfect combo for healing to me.

    10. I was wondering what you thoughts were on that mayor of yours. Laughingstock! Good word that! Says it all.


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