August 20, 2013

Me, Me, Me

Visiting the Surprise, part of the San Diego Maritime Museum, 2012.

Selfish of me, but I find I’m better this morning…at last.  I only woke twice in the night to go to the bathroom, and I bounded out of bed this morning chattering away with a smile on my face.  Perhaps it was the hamburger/chicken we ate last night for dinner. 

By work’s end yesterday, he was tired.  He looked as if he had run out of energy to even make a salad, so out to Jack in the Box we went.  Then we took our buns to the bay and ate while watching a gaggle of Border Security folks, yes, not border patrol, bracket the small boat landing.

I got through all my exercises twice yesterday, since I had the blahs all day this was important, but I got up to the corner only once.  The big excitement for me was getting all our computers running to speed yesterday afternoon.  OD still isn’t fully accessible, but the rest of the world is.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Herself:  Couldn’t stand my suddenly, very slow, old style dial up speed, computer.  Called the teckies for Earthlink, but couldn’t understand the woman  in India.

  • Himself:  The Geezer took over as he understands the accent, arranged for a tech to come out this very day, found it was one of his gaming programs that was updating 7/24 and slowing us down, and discovered that they were offering an upgrade to double our bandwidth for what we are paying now.  Called up and got that too.  He feels triumphant.

  • Reading:  Hillerman….sometimes they get ponderous, but I’m enjoying them.

  • Balance:  West Wing.


    1. What a great day you had!!

      I go out to PT now. Yesterday was rough. They 'stretched' my knee; a euphemism if there ever was one.

      A good night's sleep is such a blessing. Hopefully you will have MANY more of them! Maybe it was because you 'took your buns' down to the waterfront?! ;)

    2. I always ask for an English speaking person when I can't understand someone. Now I suppose I'll have to open an account here to leave notes too. I want everyone back on OD! Gel

    3. Oh - I guess I already have an account here.

    4. Bounded out of bed! Cool, glad to read you're getting back in the game.

    5. See, I told you the corner would the worm also does. wonder you have slow band width.

    6. This is wonderful, Mage!!! Yae! You were able to go out. Yahoo!

    7. Are you speaking of Tony Hillerman? Is so I love all his novels...its an adventure wrapped up in a mystery. I wrenched my knee about 2 months ago on a rug edge. IT has pained me constantly during that I can sympathize with your pain. Hope your mend quickly.

    8. Oh yes, Word Press. Hang in there. I found my security software (was Norton, now McAffee) caused problems. Checking always checking. Dianne

    9. What, you're eating chicken again? Already? ;) Glad things are going better.

    10. Thanks for the inspired respirator suggestion. Completely slipped my mind, I used to use one when I was doing stained glass windows.


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