September 25, 2013

At the Store

I’m never going to get thin working at the Discovery Shop.  Lovely lady volunteers bring volumes of fattening things like Barbara’s Chocolate Zuchini cake.  My hand senses it even as I am opening the front door.  Yes, I had a piece.  Yes, I still feel guilty, but the guilt stopped at Costco where I had a slice of pizza for dinner and brought home tiny bags of M&M’s for NCIS night.

We can give the rest away for Halloween, I told G.  He laughed.

Bobbie’s mother finally passed away peacefully yesterday morning.  Twenty years of forgetting.  Bobbie thought it began all those years ago nearing one Christmas.  She loved Christmas, so they will be interring her as the holiday nears.

The store reminded us that we would be soon getting ready for our Holiday Boutique.  Rooms of Boxes will come down from upstairs.  Their contents get placed out on the floor artistically by more of those lovely lady volunteers and their husbands.  I have two newly filled boxes of Holiday books, and today would be a good day to price them.  I try to suggest G volunteer for set up, and some years he has the energy.  This year we will make room for Arlene in the midst of the seasonal chaos.  She would love it all.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  He just sits there at his computer eight hours plus onw more for lunch while he plays computer games.  He does the laundry…two flights up and down per load.  That helps.
  • Herself:  Meeting, blog, lunch, another nap, dinner out.  I slept horribly and am wondering if I am reacting to the pain meds.
  • Reading:  More DE Stevenson.  Her early stuff is awfully dry.
  • Balance:  Reading. 
  • Talking with Bobbie.


    1. Love the holidays. I told my Doc to get this hip thing done so it doesn't mess up Christmas.

    2. I'm enjoying your photos.....not excited by the holidays this year due to my husband's illness. I have books to be read though so that can be an escape.

    3. I am sure glad that decoration did not find it's way to our house.

      Muchas Smuchas

    4. Your photograph started my morning with a smile; thank you.
      Your Discovery Shop sounds wonderful. I don't know of any thrift shops here that do seasonal displays as you do, though I bet our workers bring in fattening goodies to share.

    5. Your Halloween bear's infectious grin made me smile. Good luck with maintaining not gaining in the face of delectable eats. My first year when I changed jobs from a marine science funding agency of 9 employees to a research facility of 175, my enjoyment of birthday celebrations ballooned me from 120 lbs to 145!

      I have never gotten back to 120. After numerous attempts, I do manage to stay between 125 and 130 . . .most of the time.

      I think often of your dealing with a broken toe coupled with therapy. My problem is recurring in-grown toenails. Altho recent treatment, healing and then recurring soreness has me thinking all except big toe may be something else as bandaids seem to cushion and reduce soreness.

      Here's to healthy toes for Mage and Linda!

    6. I'm happy to see it looks like you're getting back to normal. Good for you. I've been reading just haven't been posting.

    7. I saw your note about the tomatoes on Facebook - they're not that unusual around here! But they sure look pretty!

    8. Cute little Halloween bear, chocolate zucchini cake, maybe it's a passing celebration back into your world although I couldn't pass it up.

    9. I love this photo. I guess I need to start thinking about Halloween. Chocolate zucchini cake? Yum! I have a recipe for zucchini bread and I'll bet it would be even better with chocolate chips. Yum.


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